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Hondarra [Sand] (Miguel Ángel Quintana, 1985)

En este documental se muestra el proceso de elaboración de una curiosa pieza de artesanía: una botella de cristal rellena de arena de distintos colores, formando así motivos figurativos y geométricos.

This documentary shows the process of making a curious craft piece: a crystal bottle filled by sand of diverse colors that forms new figure and geometrical patterns.

Watch: Via Miguel Ángel Quintana's Vimeo Channel

Honeymoon Is Over, The (, 1944)

A man writes a note to inform his wife that he is leaving her. He then goes for a walk, seemingly with grave thoughts on his mind. He encounters sights which inspire him to return home, where he finds his wife in an alarming condition.

Watch: via the G.R.A.M.C. Film Library

Honeymoon Is Over, The (Campbell) (, 1944)

A man is angered when he returns home after work and finds that his wife is absent. He goes for a walk and imagines possible reasons for her absence. When he returns from his walk, he finds his wife in an alarming condition.

Watch: via the G.R.A.M.C. Film Library

Honeymoon Is Over, The (Rainey) (, 1944)

A man has a petty argument with his wife over her cooking. The argument concludes with the wife declaring "you'll be sorry!" The man goes straight to sleep, but has nightmare visions of his wife dying. When he awakens, the man rushes to check on his wife, who he finds in an alarming condition.

Watch: via the G.R.A.M.C. Film Library

Hookers, The (Paul Van Haitsma, 1971)

A married couple and a friend go on a fishing trip. The film shows them playfully preparing for the journey, driving to the lake, and partaking in fishing and canoeing.

Watch: via the G.R.A.M.C. Film Library

Horseplay (John Straiton, 1972)

"A half-horse, half-man pursues a young woman who turns herself into the same figure. Using a spare animation style, Straiton deals with a mythological subject that reveals his personal sense of humour. A beautiful film, set to original music, that is stunning in its simplicity." Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre.

Watch: via YouTube

House That Cats Built, The (Iwao Matsushita, 1938)

"The 1938 Seattle film, shot by Iwao Matsushita, features chubby cats playing, eating, and being cuddled by their humans." K5 News.

Watch: via Seattle Channel

Humpbacks of Trinity Bay, The (Robbins Barstow , 1980)

"In August 1980, Robbins Barstow and his wife Meg, of Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA, went on a week-long trip to Newfoundland, Canada, to go whalewatching in the North Atlantic waters of Trinity Bay. Join them for exciting, on-the-surface, close encounters with giant humpback whales, and dramatic sightings also of finback and minke whales." Archive.org

Watch: via A/V Geeks (Archive.org)

Hunting (Cyrus Pinkham , 1937)

"Hunting, cast of "Boy," played by Winthrop Rolfe, and "Dog," played by Teddy. Boy, walks with Dog through the forested mountainside, gazes at views over the alley, drinks water from a rushing stream, and kneels to shoot at birds." Notes by (NHF) Chris Reed and Chris Castiglia, June 2013

Watch: Via Northeast Historic Film

I Walked a Crooked Trail (O. L. Tapp, 1950)

"In I Walked a Crooked Trail, O. L. Tapp has lured a good deal of motion and humor out of what must be one of the world's most static subjects — the Arches National Monument. Remembering that story interest is an important part of cinematics, Mr. Tapp has kept his very competent camera trained on continuous human action, letting his travelog unwind itself, very subtly, as a background. The film is limited by the essential triviality of its theme — the unfolding of a practical joke. But within its limits it does very well indeed." Movie Makers, Dec. 1950, 467-468.

Watch: via the University of Utah

I’ll Take Tallulah (Robert Davis)

"A lyric video to the song "I'll Take Tallulah" from "Ships Ahoy" - the 1942 musical-comedy film produced by MGM, starring Eleanor Powell and Red Skelton. The song is performed by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, while the film was made by amateur filmmaker Robert Davis." Chicago Film Archives.

Watch: via Chicago Film Archives

I’ve Got This Problem (Don B. Klugman, 1966)

"Traces the romantic relationship between a young man and woman (played by Klugman and Judy Harris) who meet in a downtown coffee shop; their nonstop dialogue fluctuates between playful psycho-babble and sincere attempts to relay their innermost feelings." Chicago Film Archives.

Watch: via Chicago Film Archives

Ichthyolatry, or a Piscatorial Dilemma (, 1946)

A man schedules a fishing trip several weeks in advance of the date. Before the day comes, he must overcome several mishaps and hindrances that threaten the trip.

Watch: via the G.R.A.M.C. Film Library

Identity (Alan W. Grayston, 1956)

"With the original in Filmorama, the picture above is somewhat distorted by being squeezed. The film shows life in Nova Scotia and is a beautifully planned travelogue showing the people, their customs and the country," The PSA Journal, Nov. 1956, 22.

Watch: Identity (pt. 1 of 2)

Watch: Identity (pt. 2 of 2)

In the Daytime (Stanley Fox, 1950)

"An impressionistic portrait of city life during a day off in the summertime, with poetic narration set opposite some very observant and intimate views of Vancouver and its inhabitants. These include numerous street scenes; departure of the passenger ferry 'Hollyburn'; shots of and from Interurban railway and streetcars; sequences on Chinatown, Kitsilano Beach, Stanley Park, Victory Square, and the downtown waterfront; and a glimpse inside a typical beer parlour. The film received honourable mention in the amateur category at the 1950 Canadian Film Awards." (BC Archives)

Opening credit reads: "The Vancouver Branch of the National Film Society presents..."

Additional credits (on 1986 restored version): "Restored 1986 by Dennis J. Duffy for National Film Week '86 in co-operation with Canadian Filmmakers Distribution West and the Provincial Archives of British Columbia. Restoration funded by BC Heritage Trust."

Watch: Excerpt via Royal BC Museum, YouTube

In the Divine Plan (Holden Franz Aust, 1971)

"A University of Chicago student film production and “Young Chicago Filmmakers Festival” award winner in 1971, Holden Franz Aust’s "In The Divine Plan" pits Nietzsche against Jesus in an ultimate ideological battle. Christian moralism meets Nihilism." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

In the Valley of the Hudson (Julian Gromer , 1951)

"Two part edited travelogue taking place in the Hudson Valley area. Part one begins at Coney Island, and then takes viewers through New York City before heading to places such as West Point and Poughkeepsie where cough drops are being made. Part two Includes much footage on Hudson river, the process of manufacturing wallpaper at Imperial Color and a visit to the North Pole theme park." Chicago Film Archives.

Watch: Part 1 via Chicago Film Archives

Watch: Part 2 via Chicago Film Archives

Incredible Iceland (Robert Davis, 1965)

"Achieve new perspectives of Incredible Iceland as you travel with Robert Davis by plane, boat, jeep, and afoot. Exploring the many faces of this enchanting island." Lögberg-Heimskringla, Feb. 16, 1967, 8.

Watch: via Chicago Film Archives

Insect Catchers of the Bog Jungle (William M. Harlow, 1955)

"Dr. William M. Harlow is professor of Wood Technology at the State University of New York, College of Forestry. His film records the unparalleled spectacle of live insects being trapped by the pitcher plant, the sundew and Venus flytrap. Expert close-up photography and effective time lapse sequences employing home made equipment includes material never before recorded on film. A top flight nature film with suspense and drama, carrying a powerful appeal to any audience." PSA Journal, Dec. 1955, 35.

Watch: Insect Catchers of the Bog Jungle Part 1

Watch: Insect Catchers of the Bog Jungle Part 2

It Crawls By Night (Arthur H. Smith , 1943)

Horror film involving a family, a lodger, and the lodger's spiders.

Watch: via Archive.org

Italy [1956] (H. Lee Hansen, 1956)

Kodachrome travelogue showing daily life and architecture in Italy.

Watch: via UC San Diego Library

John Makes Whoopee (Merriman Holtz, 1929)

"Amateur narrative about a young farmer visiting the big city of Portland, Oregon." Center for Home Movies.

Watch: via Oregon Historical Society (YouTube)

Josephine’s Dream (Ramon Galindo, 1962)

"This amateur film from Ramon Galindo is titled 'Josephine’s Dream' and uses home movie footage and special effects to tell a story. A girl is reading in her bedroom when she falls asleep and begins dreaming of going to the rodeo, a dream sequence we can see through Galindo’s use of special effects. The film then takes us to a rodeo in Austin in 1962, capturing scenes of bucking broncos, calf roping, lasso tricks, bareback bullriding, rodeo clowns, horse tricks, and, most notably, a performance by actor and singer Michael Landon. Landon sings with a trio of cowboy guitarists, likely performing his 1957 single 'Gimme a Little Kiss (Will 'Ya' Huh)' that was rereleased in 1962 to capitalize on his newfound fame in his role as Little Joe Cartwright on the television series 'Bonanza'." Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

Watch: via Texas Archive of the Moving Image

Journey Through a Day (Dale Johnson, 1969)

"Journey Through a Day is a beautiful and restful film of a day in a young boy's rural life. The colorful photography by Dale Johnson of Dallas is excellent. He packs a solid day of carefree existence into 17 minutes of entertainment and wishing it were your day" PSA Journal, Nov. 1969, 56.

Watch: video via Archive.org

Joyaux Vivants (Maurice Guillon, 1964)

"Some of the most beautiful insects of France. Coleoptera (beetles, beetles, longhorn beetles, etc.). Lepidoptera: eggs, caterpillars, pupae, accelerated birth (zygène), slow flights (papilio, zygène, sphinx, etc.). Parasitic and predatory insects: braconid, pentatomide, ammophile, mantis." rough english translation of a description provided by Canal-U.

Watch: Video via Canal-U

Just Fences (Milton Dowe, 1940)

"Another film capturing evanescence and making an explicit point about that intent is the 8mm work by Milton Dowe, Just Fences (1938-1940), a short visual catalog of split-rail and other fence types in the landscape with the on-screen title, 'Soon these will decay and be forgotten.' " (McNamara and Sheldon, Amateur Movie Making, 19).

Watch: Via Northeast Historic Film

Kördüğüm [Deadlock] (Muammer Özer, 1969)

“Ruhi Su ve Rahmi Saltuk türküleri eşliğinde yoksulluk ve emek sömürüsünü ve mücadeleyi, direnişi farklı, ilginç bir kurgu ile anlatmış. 13 dakikalık 1969 yılı koşullarını düşünerek izlemek gerekiyor.” Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/kordugum-1969-2/ (15 Oct 2019).

“Accompanied by Ruhi Su and Rahmi Saltuk’s folk songs, the film tells the story of poverty, struggle, and resistance in a different way, with an interesting montage. This 13-minute-long film requires audiences to acknowledge the contexts of the year 1969 in viewing.” Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/kordugum-1969-2/ (15 Oct 2019).

Watch: http://sinematek.tv/kordugum-1969-2/

Lake Louise: Cloud-Land (William M. Harlow, 1964)

"Focusing in on Lake Louise, this film presents the viewer with an in depth look at the diverse and majestic landscape of the Banff National Park region. Using time-lapse photography, we can see the movement of not only the plant life in the mountains, but also the movement of the clouds, and weather patterns of the area," via SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Watch: Lake Louise: Cloud-Lands via SUNY ESF

Land of My Dreams (Joseph J. Harley, 1942)

"Land of My Dreams, Joseph J. Harley, ACL, will tell you, is a simple record of fun and friends. As such, it is an attractive piece of Kodachrome, colorful in its camera work, leisurely in its pace (400 feet, 8mm.) and frankly sentimental in its outlook. Lake Saranac and the Harley summer cottage comprise the land of Joe Harley 's dreams, although his myriad friends of ten years' standing play a large part in that Elysium. You see them throughout the film, going about their fishing and boating, picnics and swimming with an infectious zest and good humor. The record is climaxed with a detailed presentation of a grand communal party, at which each of the guests is required to put on some sort of skit or bit of entertainment." Movie Makers, June 1944, 246.

Note of warning: the "communal party" referenced in the description above includes a performance in blackface.

Watch: Part 1/3 on YouTube

Watch: Part 2/3 on YouTube

Watch: Part 3/3 on YouTube

Late Again (, 1947)

Comedy about a married couple who appear to have overslept once again.

Watch: via the G.R.A.M.C. Film Library

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