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Smith pictured via Center for Home Movies.

Arthur H. Smith

Club Affiliation

The Silver Screen Players




ACL Ten Best 1931, Special Mention
American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1951 - Honorable Mention
Center for Home Movies list of titled amateur films


Mirror, The

Fairland Days

Santa’s Village

Boulder Dam

Hero, The

  • Date produced: 1931

Fantasy of Dreams

Signs of the Times

Last Reel, The

Forgotten Gold


After Santa Leaves

It Crawls By Night

Spy Scoop, The

City of San Francisco, The

Legend of Lost Cove, The

Streetcar to Heaven

Mischief Maker, The

Super Colossal Production, A

Crater Lake In June

Phantom of Cragmont, The

Tense Moment

Death Valley

Ray Coon’s Busy Day

Wealth of the Land



Biographical Notes

"Smith, who was born in Silver Spring, Nevada, in 1909 and lived until 2000, began working as a telephone repairman for the Pacific Telephone Company after high school. Due to interest in filmmaking – and his owning his own movie camera – the company asked him to make a “movie to show at a meeting.” Thanks to his skill at doing that, he won promotion to first level management to make movies for the company from its San Francisco regional offices. He produced instructional and safety films for the Bell System, including his most widely seen work, How to Prevent Backing Accidents, a film never out of date. Smith wrote extensively about his technical professional film work, as well as his creative amateur work, with numerous articles in American Cinematographer, Home Movies, and Popular Photography. Although an accomplished industrial filmmaker, his dedication was to his amateur films – 50 of them, between 1929 and 1991, including edited home movies such as Personal Pictures, [volumes 1-7], Vacation Snapshots, and Blanche’s Recital. Much of his amateur output, particularly in his early years, was dedicated to dramas influenced by Westerns and horrow, crime, and spy movies: among the titles are Forgotten Gold, Fantasy of Dreams, Streetcar to Heaven, and It Crawls by Night." NFPF 2012 grantee: Center for Home Movies.

Bibliographic Resources

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The Arthur H. Smith Collection is held by Center for Home Movies, and his films can be viewed at the Internet Archive.

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​From Wealth of the Land (1937).
From Wealth of the Land (1937).