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Davis pictured in Movie Makers, June 1951, 204.

Robert Davis

Club Affiliation

Amateur Cinema League

8-16 Home Movie Makers of Kansas City

Kansas City Amateur Movie Makers




Chicago Film Archives list of titled amateur films


Incredible Iceland

Ten Minutes with “Doc” Davis

Modern Design

What Is It?

  • Date produced: 1947

Cyprus: The New Republic

Obey Your Air Raid Warden

Arizona Utopia

Beyond the Blue Horizon

  • Date produced: 1948

Virgin Islands, The


  • Date produced: 1945

Britain’s Holiday Islands

Tussle on the Trestle, The

I’ll Take Tallulah


Filmmaker, Lecturer

Biographical Notes

"Robert (Bob) Davis was born in 1922 in Kansas City, Missouri. Right out of high school he began working at the Calvin Company, a Kansas City based educational and industrial film production company that for nearly half a century was the largest and most successful film producer of its type in the United States. While at Calvin, Robert began shooting his own travel films and creating lectures to accompany them. While on the lecture circuit he met his wife Terry (Landbeck) Davis. The two married six months later in 1955. Together, the two began producing more travel films, lecturing and managing group travel tours abroad. They had no children. Bob died in 2011, while Terry died in 2012." Chicago Film Archives.

Bibliographic Resources

The Robert and Theresa Davis Collection is held by Chicago Film Archives.
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