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Julian Gromer

Dates active:


Club Affiliation

Chicago Cinema Club




Chicago Film Archives list of titled amateur work, "1973 award from the Chicago area Metro Movie Club"


African Life (1947)

Hawaiian Paradise [1941] (1941)

African Prince, The (1947)

Hawaiian Paradise [1966] (1966)

Canada Coast to Coast (Part 1) (1956)

In the Valley of the Hudson (1951)

Canada Coast to Coast (Part 2) (1956)

Mighty Amazon, The (1957)

Columbia River Adventure (Part 1) (1950)

On the Shores of Lake Michigan (1948)

Columbia River Adventure (Part 2) (1950)

Sunny Cuba (1946)

Fabulous Gulf Coast, The (Part 1) (1954)

Wheels Across America (1968)

Fabulous Gulf Coast, The (Part 2) (1954)

Wheels Across Europe (1971)



Biographical Notes:

"Julian Gromer worked as a 16mm travelogue lecturer from 1938 to 1975. Before his work as a lecturer he worked as a typesetter for a publishing company. In 1938 he began lecturing with a 8mm film of a vacation to California. He quickly added 16mm films of vacations to Mexico and Alaska. At that time Gromer lived in Elgin, Illinois, and most of his lectures took place in the greater Chicagoland area at churches, civic organizations, school groups and private parties." Chicago Film Archives

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Julian Gromer's film are held by Chicago Film Archives.