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2 Eylül Direnişi [Resistance of September 2]

Date produced: 1978


İshak Işıtan


“Bu filmi ile Ümraniye 1 Mayıs mahallesindeki yoksul halkın barınma hakkı mücadelesi 1970’li yılların 2. yarısının atmosferinde veren bir film yapmış […]. 1977 senesinin 2 eylül günü 1 Mayıs Mahallesi’ne gecekondu yıkımı için gelen polisler ile mahalle halkı arasında çıkan ve 12 mahallelinin ölüp onlarcasının yaralandığı çatışmalar sırasında çeşitli sosyalist yapılar etrafında örgütlenmiş mahalle sakinlerinin gösterdiği direniş Türkiye’deki sosyalist mücadele tarihi içerisinde çok önemli bir yere sahiptir [...].” Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/2-gun-2-eylul-direnisi-1978/ (13 November 2019).

“The conflict between the District May 1 organized in various socialist collectives and the police that came to the district to demolish the shantytown, which resulted in 12 people living in the district killed on 2 September 1977 has an important place in the history of the socialist movement in Turkey [...]. [İshak Işıtan’s] film is about the poor people of Ürmaniye/District May 1’s a struggle for the housing right reflecting the atmosphere of the second half of the 1970s [...]. Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/2-gun-2-eylul-direnisi-1978/ (13 November 2019).

70° North

Date produced: 1961


L. Blackman

E. G. Edwards

C. G. Jowett

S. Redman


"Almost every day of the year some 10 trawlers set out from the twin ports of Grimby and Hull, England, for the Arctic fishing grounds to return three weeks later with their cargo of deep sea fish. This film is a record of one such voyage with sound effects recorded on location. This will generate a nostalgic effervescence for those lovers of deep sea fishing and all will wish to join in the adventure without having to share in the work and inconvenience. The film moves with interest and excitement, a treat for all" PSA Journal, Oct. 1961, 47.

Alaskan Gold

Date produced: 1949


Alan Probert


"Alan Probert's Alaskan Gold is an extremely competent, step by step analysis of the placer mining of gold, from the early days of the Gold Rush to today's massive and highly integrated industrial systems. Mr. Probert shows an enormous amount of technical detail, but his explanations help the layman avoid most of the boredom frequently encountered in such treatments." Movie Makers, Dec. 1949, 468.

Alewife Fishery on the Sheepscot River

Date produced: 1938


Milton Dowe


"A process film with interititles about the spring capture of alewives, an andromadous fish." oldfilm.org

Arena [Sand]

Date produced: 1968


Daniel Pires Mateus


A documentary film of sand and its use in two of the most important elements that constantly surround the life of man: glass and concrete.

Arizona Utopia

Date produced: 1960


Robert Davis

Theresa Davis


"A two-part lecture travelogue film on the state of Arizona. The film would have been originally presented with live narration by the filmmaker, Robert Davis. Part one includes footage of desert landscapes, ranches, pre-historic artifacts, Native American art production & industry (wigs, textiles, etc), saloons, regional industry (logging, agricultural, and dams). Part two also includes footage of desert landscapes, cacti and dams as well as scenes from Phoenix and the surrounding area. Highlights from part two include a tour of a trailer park and footage of people skiing and sledding down a snowy hill." Chicago Film Archives.

Behind the Bale

Date produced: 1941


Paul Thompson


"Paul Thompson's Behind the Bale would be an amazing performance for a large studio, equipped with many facilities and numerous staff members, and this is true by reason of the exceedingly careful collaboration between the film editor and the comment writer. For a small producer of industrial pictures, Behind the Bale is a triumph in the technique of post recording, as well as a beautifully made picture that would stand on its own feet without narration and with relatively few titles. A Northwest brewer wishes to make it clear that the quality of hops has much to do with the quality of beer. Therefore, Mr. Thompson shows us the Yakima (Wash.) Valley briefly and then gets down to the special crop which the film pictures. We follow hops through planting, growing, picking and baling, in a Kodachromatic exposition that has rare beauty, and we end with four men enjoying the beer of Mr. Thompson's client. In the entire course of this fine piece of cinematography, there is a wizardry of cutting the film to fit the narration — and the reverse — that produces exposition timed with scene in a fashion that would do credit to the best industrial filmers anywhere." Movie Makers, Dec. 1941, 564.

British Columbia Salmon from Sea to Can

Date produced: 1945


George J. Alexander


"Shows the salmon spawning cycle, methods of commercial purse-seine and gillnet fishing, and processing of the catch at the cannery; includes footage of an "Iron Chink" salmon butchering machine. Filmed at unspecified locations on the BC coast." (BC Archives)

Additional credit: "Produced by the British Columbia Provincial Fisheries Dept."

Building a Bakery 1930 : Harvesting and Baking

Date produced: 1930


Dent Harrison


"The construction of the POM (Pride of Montreal) Bakery in Montreal. Some commercial harvesting footage with baking at POM." (LAC description)

Canada Coast to Coast (Part 1)

Date produced: 1956


Julian Gromer


"2 part edited travelogue film beginning in Ontario and working west to British Columbia, documenting the resources, landscape and recreation of Canada. Includes a large amount of natural scenery, but also diverse events such as fishing, a rodeo and water sports. Also gives a look into factories and resorts." Chicago Film Archives

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