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Theresa Davis




Chicago Film Archives list of titled amateur films


Arizona Utopia (1960)

Cyprus: The New Republic (1961)

Virgin Islands, The ()

Britain’s Holiday Islands ()


Filmmaker, Lecturer

Biographical Notes:

"Theresa (Terry) Landbeck was born in Chicago in 1917. She lived on Washtenaw Avenue with her father Fred Landbeck and her mother Wilma Landbeck. She had a younger brother and sister. Her father worked at the Crane Company and died when she was 6 years old. The family then moved to Western Springs, IL where the Landbeck children went to school.

She met her husband, Robert (Bob) Davis when he came through Chicago to give a travelogue lecture on Puerto Rico. They got married 6 months later (1955) and Bob moved to Chicago. Terry quit her job and they worked together creating travelogues from all around the world and then giving lectures. Terry primarily ran the production, while Bob handled the presentation. They also made a few educational films that they sold."

Bibliographic Resources:

The Robert and Theresa Davis Collection is held by Chicago Film Archives.