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Beyoğlu 68

Date produced: 1968


Artun Yeres

Jak Şalom


“Beyoğlu 68 Üzerine Beyoğlu’nu filme çekmeye karar verdik. Artun yönetecek, ben kamerayı kullanacaktım. Güç bela birkaç kutu pelikülle 16 mm.lik bir kamera edindik ve Mayıs 68’de Beyoğlu’na çıktık. Artun bana kaydedilmesini istediği şeyleri gösteriyor, ben çekiyordum. Amaç tüketim toplumunu eleştirmekti ama senaryo yoktu. İşin kurguda bağlanacağını biliyorduk […].” Jak Şalom, sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/beyoglu-68/ (25 October 2019).

“On Beyoğlu 68: ‘We decided to film Beyoğlu. Artun had to direct it and I was responsible for the camera operations. We hardly found a box of unexposed film as well as a 16mm camera and started wandering around Beyoğlu. Artun was telling me what to shoot and I was recording. The purpose was to critique consumer society, but there was no script. We knew that we need to deal with it during the process of montage’ […].” Jak Şalom, sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/beyoglu-68/ (25 October 2019).

Rótula, La [The ball joint]

Date produced:


Eloy González Gavilán


En Noche Buena, un hombre lleva su automóvil a un mecánico para que sea arreglando mientras el camina por una ciudad. Mientras el mecánico trabaja en el vehículo, recibe una llamada telefónica que lo distrae, y después da el coche al hombre, diciéndole que está arreglado. Mientras el hombre está ya en el camino, el mecánico recuerda haberse distraído y no haber apretado los tornillos de la rótula del automóvil, lo cual pone en peligro la vida del conductor. El mecánico intenta contactarlo desesperadamente a través de la policía de caminos mientras imagina que si muere, él será considerado culpable. El conductor eventualmente pierde el control del vehículo y queda varado en un camino solitario, desde donde contacta al mecánico quien agradece a Dios que nada terrible haya pasado. El filme termina con imágenes de luces navideñas en la ciudad y un letrero que muestra la rótula.

On Christmas Eve, a man takes his car to a mechanic to get it fixed while he walks around a city. When the mechanic is fixing the car, he gets distracted by a phone call, then he gives the car to the man and tells him it is fixed. While the man is already on the road, the mechanic remembers getting distracted and not tightening the screws of the car's ball joint, which endangers the passenger's life, so he tries to contact him desperately through the road police and imagining him claiming that his death was his fault. Eventually the man loses control of his car and gets stranded in a lonely road, he contacts the mechanic who thanks God that nothing terrible happened. The film ends with images of Christmas lights in the city and a sign showing the ball joint.

After Santa Leaves

Date produced: 1942


Arthur H. Smith

All I Want for Christmas

Date produced: 1965


Sidney N. Laverents

Night Before Christmas

Date produced: 1938


Joseph Hollywood

Santa Visits Elaine

Date produced: 1937


John Pohl


"'Santa Visits Elaine,' 16mm. in color, by John E. Pohl of Cicero, Ill., was the winner in the home movies class. The picture is finely done. It greets you with an unusually strong title when it flashes upon you on the screen. No filters are used. There are few characters in the story—as a matter of fact Elaine and her mother carry the greater burden of the cast. To be sure, Santa is in the limelight long enough to do a little tree and interior decorating. Elaine looks a trifle large to accept as gospel truth all the conversation sometimes handed to children about the comings and goings of Santa Claus, but the young lady does or is caused to do one good deed which may indicate one of two things: either she is going to do her utmost to entertain Santa while he is visiting that house or else she has a line on the habits of the male person who is in her mind slated to do the hanging. She very prominently places a bottle of beer and a large glass right where the visitor cannot miss it. Does he miss it? No, he does not. In spite of the obstacle presented by the phoney mustaches he gets around them." American Cinematographer, Jan. 1939, 17.


Date produced: 1971


Jeff Kreines


"RATAMATA is a portrait of the diverse opinions of Chicagoans (ranging from high school students to habitual mayoral candidate Lars Daly) as they reflect on the general state of affairs in America, the war in Vietnam, social and racial conflict, freedom and personal liberty, happiness, and social justice." Chicago Film Archives

Joyous Noel

Date produced: 1954


Gilbert B. Jansen


"Joyous Noel by Gilbert B. Jansen Jr. is the sort of color motion picture record of an American family's Christmas that so many home-loving cameramen dream of producing - but seldom do. Undoubtedly the producer and all members of his family will treasure this film immediately. Not a great work, Joyous Noel is nevertheless an unusually good Christmas film in which all of the preparations and celebrations found in graceful family living are depicted through the activities of a young couple and their two children. Well lighted scenes, technically proficient camera work, pleasant acting by all concerned, and a background of Christmas carol music all contribute to make this a thoroughly pleasant production" PSA Journal, Jan. 1955, 50.

Hook, Line and Slickers

Date produced: 1934


Franklin Skeele


"A record of a summer trip with humorous twists." American Cinematographer, Feb. 1936, 73.


Date produced: 1933


K. G. Stephens

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