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Laverents pictured via TCM.

Sidney N. Laverents

Club Affiliation

Amateur Movie Club of San Diego




PSA Ten Best 1963, PSA MPD Humorous Film Award 1963
PSA Ten Best 1964 - Honorable Mention
PSA Ten Best 1965, PSA MPD Nature Award Sponsored by Dick Bird 1965
IAC Challenge Trophy for the Best Entry from Overseas, 1969
PSA Ten Best 1970, PSA Golden Microphone Award 1970
Canadian International Amateur Film Festival 1977 - Best Sound
PSA Ten Best 1977, PSA Best Nature Film 1977
Society of Amateur Cinematographers Contest 1977 - First Prize
10 Best of the West, 1977
Canadian International Amateur Film Festival, 1984 - Special Commendation, Category 'A'
SCCA Annual Contest, 1994 - Special Commendation Award for Wry Comedy
UCLA Film & Television Archive list of titled amateur films


Butterfly with Four Birthdays, The

1969 Our First Year

  • Date produced:

Drip, The

  • Date produced: 1994

Stop Cloning Around

  • Date produced: 1980

It Sudses, and Sudses, and Sudses

  • Date produced: 1963


  • Date produced:

Go to Bed Norm

  • Date produced: 1974

Sid Saga, The

  • Date produced: 1985

One Man Band, The

  • Date produced: 1964

Investment Story, An

  • Date produced:

Heads You Win

  • Date produced:

Fisherman, The

  • Date produced: 1982

Multiple Sidosis


  • Date produced:


  • Date produced: 1977

Man In Black, The

  • Date produced: 2000

All I Want for Christmas

  • Date produced: 1965


  • Date produced:

Indian Summer

  • Date produced: 1980

Tattooed Lady, The

  • Date produced: 1996

Charlotte’s Balloon Ride

  • Date produced:

Let’s Take the Long Way Home

  • Date produced: 1960

Trip to Yesterday, A

  • Date produced: 1969

Dinosaur Dream

  • Date produced: 1995

Listen to the Mockingbird

  • Date produced: 1977

Snails – and How They Walk

  • Date produced: 1966

Making of Dinosaur Dream, The

  • Date produced: 1995

Shine On, Harvest Moon

  • Date produced: 1982

Related Professional Works

Environmental Enclosure (promotional film), I Christen Thee (promotional film)

Biographical Notes

From National City, California. "By the time he completed his four-part magnum opus, The Sid Saga (1985-2003), Sid Laverents had attained superstar status on the amateur filmmaking scene. Born Sidney Nicklas Laverents in 1908, his real estate speculator father had dragged the family back and forth across the nation in search of the next land boom, resulting in a picaresque education and an appreciably eclectic sensibility. Already a student of piano and drums, Laverents taught himself banjo, ukulele, and harmonica and supported himself during the Depression as a one-man band on the vaudeville circuit. Married for the second time and settled in San Diego before World War II, Laverents worked for the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation from 1941 until 1967 (apart from a stretch in the military, repairing planes in India for the United States Army). In 1956, he bought a 16mm Bolex camera to film his parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary and two years later joined the San Diego Amateur Movie Makers Club. With exquisite patience, Laverents progressed from filming travelogues and garden snails to manipulating image and sound via sophisticated in-camera editing techniques. Prepared for exhibition at his film club, Laverents' 9-minute Multiple SIDosis (1970), in which the filmmaker performs Felix Arndt's 1916 ragtime instrumental "Nola" on uke, ocarina, Jew's harp and other instruments, all depicted via multiple exposures (from two to ten), became a staple of film rental outfits and was included in the National Film Registry in 2000, when Laverents was 92 years old." TCM.com

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