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Edmund Zacher

Club Affiliation

Amateur Cinema League

Hartford Cinema Club




ACL Ten Best 1933 - Honorable Mention
ACL Ten Best 1934
ACL Ten Best 1935


Century of Progress, A (1933)

Birds of a Feather (1934)

World’s People, The (1934)

Christmas at Home, A (1935)



Biographical Notes:

"Edmund 'Ted' Zacher, a noted photographer, lecturer and sailor, died in Hartford Friday [January 13, 1992] at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center. He was 81. Born in Hartford, he was a lifelong resident of West Hartford. Mr. Zacher had worked at the former Connecticut River Banking Co., and he later worked for Eastman Kodak before returning to Hartford in 1946 to open his own photography store, Zacher's, in Hartford. In 1956, he moved the store to West Hartford center. A graduate of Kingswood-Oxford School, he attended Harvard University. Mr. Zacher was active in land conservation. He prepared film for the well-known lecturer Irving Johnson and cruised around the world twice. He was a member of the Hartford Cinema Club as well as a member of the board of directors and former president of the Spring Grove Cemetery Association. He also was a former member of the Hartford Exchange Club and the Hartford Rotary Club."

Bibliographic Resources:

"Edmund Zacher - Photographer." The Hartford Courant, January 13, 1992.