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Train, The

Date produced: 1933


"a documentary film showing the arrival of a train at a small country station and the activities it arouses" (HMHT 1933: 299).

Travel Talks

Date produced: 1935


Harold B. Hutchings

Trinidad Trails

Date produced: 1946


A. I. Willinsky


"Item is a film production of Dr. Willinsky's trip to Trinidad with his wife, Sadie. Filmed in the form of a travelogue, Willinsky intersperses footage of landmarks and the local population with captions that provide information about the country and its culture. Included are shots of sites around Port-of-Spain, cathedrals, mosques, a cricket match, a cocao bean farm, and the local population carrying out their daily activities. Sadie is regularly spotted sight-seeing and interacting with locals." Ontario Jewish Archives.

Trip to Yesterday, A

Date produced: 1969


Sidney N. Laverents


"An entertaining documentary of the narrow-­gauge train ride from Durango to Silverton, Colorado. Spectacular aerial views add to the impact." Oldfilm.org

Two Giants

Date produced: 1936


Eunice Alliott

Eustace Alliott


"Two short films of the Hindenburg in its hangar after its maiden journey to the USA and the Queen Mary at either the Clyde or Southampton prior to its inaugural cruise." (EAFA Database)

Vacation, A

Date produced: 1937


Cyrus Pinkham


"A Vacation with Lucy Carlisle, Margaret Pinkham, Virginia Carlisle." oldfilm.org

Village by the Sea, A

Date produced: 1934


A. Scott Moorhouse


"When you go to England this summer, and are looking for attractive color material, take a tip from Alan Moorhouse, ACL, of Toronto, as exemplified in his charming reel, A Village by the Sea. Running 400 feet of delightful Kodachrome, it tells a simple genre story of village life in Cornwall, down at the southwest tip of England. Here, streets and structures date from centuries back and the country folk still wrest their simple living from fish trawling in the cold, gray Channel waters. Mr. Moorhouse has caught a deal of this physical and spiritual color in his one reel film." Movie Makers, July 1936, 278.

"A. Scott Moorhouse of Toronto, Ontario, entered a combination black and white and Kodachrome subject in 'Village by the Sea.' This picture went very far in the finals and is highly deserving of the honorable mention it receives." American Cinematographer, Feb. 1936, 73.

Village in Austria, A

Date produced: 1932


Matthew L. Nathan


A travelogue film from a trip to Austria.

Virgin Islands, The

Date produced:


Robert Davis

Theresa Davis


Travelogue exploring the history, sights, and people of the Virgin Islands.

Walk with Me Beneath a Tree

Date produced: 1965


Warren Thompson


"A journey from bustling Chicago to the fall foliage and winter landscape of rural Wisconsin." Chicago Film Archives.

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