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A. Scott Moorhouse

Club Affiliation

Amateur Cinema League

Toronto Amateur Movie Club




American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1935 - Honorable Mention
American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1937 - Honorable Mention
ACL Ten Best 1939 - General Class
ACL Ten Best 1940 - Honorable Mention General Class


In Linden Lea

  • Date produced: 1939

Albert and the Lion

  • Date produced: 1940

This Side of Paradise

  • Date produced: 1936

Village by the Sea, A

  • Date produced: 1934

Focus on Slye

  • Date produced: 1962

Biographical Notes

Noted to be from Montreal, Quebec, as well as Toronto, Ontario. Full name: Alan Scott Moorhouse; referred to as both 'A. Scott Moorhouse' and 'Alan Moorhouse'.

Bibliographic Resources

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