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Westward Whoa

Date produced: 1948


Fred Strauss


"Edited footage of western scenery on a road trip to Yellowstone Park. Includes scenes of camping and numerous landscapes, Mount Rushmore and the various grounds of Yellowstone with their hot springs and geysers." Chicago Film Archives

What God Hath Wrought

Date produced: 1951


Leo J. Heffernan


"Leo J. Heffernan's 'What God Hath Whrought" pictures some of the wonders of Nature, with emphasis on the mighty Niagara Falls. His color photography is excellent." American Cinematographer, May 1952, 224.

"While motoring through Zion National Park, Leo J. Heffernan photographed the mountains, trees and canyons as they passed by his camera. The resulting picture, What God Hath Wrought, filmed almost entirely from his moving car, has an amazing three-dimensional effect. Changes in depth and perspective give the viewer a strong sense of participation, a true feeling that he is actually on the spot. For, traveling along the main highways, where so many tourists drive each year, Mr. Heffernan shows us this usually static subject from a tourist's level — but with new and refreshing viewpoints." Movie Makers, Dec. 1952, 341.

Why Whales?

Date produced: 1992


Robbins Barstow


"In October 1992, Connecticut Folksinger Donald Sineti visited Heidelberg, Germany, with global whale advocate Dr. Robbins Barstow, to sing for whales in a German-American cultural exchange program. Enjoy song concerts in castles, campus, city streets, and countryside." Archive.org

Wonders of Our Inland Sea

Date produced: 1955


L. Clyde Anderson


"Views from ground of Salt Lake City skyline, Antelope Island, the train causeway, a passenger train, the salt flats, salt crystallization on rocks, brine shrimp, auto racing on the salt flats, seagulls (with sound), sail boating, swimmers at Saltair, Sunset Beach, the marina, water skiers, boat painting, and the Utah State Capitol building." University of Utah Marriott Library.

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