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Date produced: 1933


William G. McKelvy




300 ft





Sound Notes:



ACL Ten Best 1933


"Telemark, filmed in the Swiss Alps by William G. McKelvy, ACL, is, as its name suggests, a skiing picture. However, it is more than that — it is also a very delightful and neatly plotted comedy that is the more convincing for being uncomplicated with the usual subsidiary plot and counter plot. Four or five youths who are expert skiers, one who is a novice, and a girl are at the beginning of a down mountain ski trail. The girl offers a kiss to the boy who can catch her. She tarts off, the able skiers follow hard on her trail, while the beginner stumbles and lags far behind. But the girl decides to trick her pursuers and hides on the way. The ending is obvious. The picture was exquisitely planned and sequenced for, as the camera follows the skiers down the mountain, there is complete smoothness in the shift of viewpoints. The action is made the occasion of splendid studies, as the boys on the run swerve and turn in stems, Christianias and Telemarks. Mr. McKelvy did not neglect to select charming compositions and to take full advantage of clear air and the contrast between the dark figures and trees and the white snow." Movie Makers, Dec. 1933, 500.


McKelvy was 17 years old when he made this film.

The film was available in the ACL's Club Film Library.


  • Alps, Switzerland (Filming)






  • Screened by the Klub der Kino-Amateure-Oesterreichs in the summer of 1934: Vienna, Austria
  • Screened by the Hungarian Amateur Film Club in 1934: Budapest, Hungary
  • Screened by the 16 Movie Club in 1935: Akron, OH
  • Screened by the Lens and Tripod Club of Salem in 1936: Salem, OR
  • Screened by the Detroit Society of Cinematographers in 1936: Detroit, MI
  • Screened by the Philadelphia Cinema Club in 1937: Philadelphia, PA
  • Screened by the Jefferson City Cinema Club in 1937: Jefferson City, MO
  • Screened by the Peninsula Cine Club in 1939: Monterey, CA
  • Screened by the Wenatchee Cine Club in 1940: Wenatchee, WA
  • Screened by the Greater New Bedford Movie Club in 1941: New Bedford, MA

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