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70° North

Date produced: 1961


L. Blackman

E. G. Edwards

C. G. Jowett

S. Redman


"Almost every day of the year some 10 trawlers set out from the twin ports of Grimby and Hull, England, for the Arctic fishing grounds to return three weeks later with their cargo of deep sea fish. This film is a record of one such voyage with sound effects recorded on location. This will generate a nostalgic effervescence for those lovers of deep sea fishing and all will wish to join in the adventure without having to share in the work and inconvenience. The film moves with interest and excitement, a treat for all" PSA Journal, Oct. 1961, 47.

Amigo Enemigo [Friend Enemy]

Date produced:


Eloy González Gavilán


Una mujer camina por el paisaje entre ruidos. Hace fuego para calentarse un poco de comida pero un sonido la invade. Se encuentra con un soldado muerto dentro del bosque.

A woman walks through a landscape while noises are heard. She makes a fire to warm some food but a sound overcomes her. She finds a dead soldier inside the woods.

And So to Edinburgh

Date produced: 1937


Alexander Black


"Kodachrome travelogue, photographed from 1935-1937, of Alexander Black's ancestral sites in Edinburgh, Scotland, and his return home to New York City, including six shots of the recently constructed Empire State Building at different times of day and night." UC Berkeley Library.

Around the World in Forty Days

Date produced: 1988


Robbins Barstow


"In May-June 1988, Robbins Barstow and his wife Meg, of Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA, made a six-week trip around the world. Places visited include Hawaii, Austrailia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, India, and London, England." Archive.org

Arrival of Evacuees

Date produced: 1939




"Young evacuees from London wait in the centre of Welwyn Garden City" (EAFA Database).

Asturias Pintoresca

Date produced: 1957


Antonio Cernuda


"Antonio Cernuda has created a pictorial mood, a feeling of being there, and a desire to live it again. His choice of music has contributed a great deal to this delightful picture. It begins in the early fall and we move quickly to the gathering of apples, processing, and the bottling of cider. There are celebrations of the gathering of the harvest, girls and boys in native Spanish dress, with the frolic of the occasion and the solemnity of the religious spirit. The first snow of winter, as the leaves are about gone, and on into the heavier snows and ice of winder as the people go about their daily travels—afoot, by horse-drawn vehicle, and train. The transition to spring is so skillfully set forth with the melting snow and turbulent streams that we are hardly aware of the passing of winter. Soon there is a burst of spring everywhere and then summer with its crops, vacation activities, boating, fishing, tug-of-war, and outdoor Mass. The picture opens and closes with artistic views of the mountainous country. We might think of this as the four seasons. Asturias, with its deep canyons and mountains, with scars of its heroic history, that have the darkness of coal in its womb, the whiteness of snow on its head, and the pink of apple blossoms on its body. Asturias lets her men go out into the world with the certainty that the homesickness for her beauty will always make them return." PSA Journal, Nov. 1957, 31.

Australians and Canadians Visit Cenotaph

Date produced: 1936


Eunice Alliott

Eustace Alliott


"Short film recording a wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph from a high vantage point in Parliament Street" (EAFA Database).

Balkans, The

Date produced: 1968


H. Lee Hansen


"Travel through the Balkans." UC San Diego Library.

Barış Kavgası [Fight For Peace]

Date produced: 1973


Muammer Özer


“‘Ben Milyonlarca emekçiden birisiyim barışçıyım ve devrimciyim’ diye başlıyor 12 dakikalık film. Mehmet Özgentürk seslendirmiş. Finlandiyadaki iç savaş ve devrimciler hakkında bilmediğiniz birçok şeyi içinde Enternasyonalin de olduğu Fince marşlar eşliğinde anlatıyor. 1956 yılında gerçekleştirilen 3 hafta süren büyük grevden başlayarak Finlandiya’daki mücadeleyi Nazım şiiri eşliğinde izleyeceksiniz.” Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/baris-kavgasi/ (30 October 2019).

“The film begins with the sentence, ‘I am one of the millions of workers; I am a pacifist and revolutionist.’ It was narrated by Mehmet Özgentürk. It tells the unknown story of Civil War in Finland and that of Finn revolutionists, synchronized with the local marches. You will watch the Finn revolutionary struggle—since the Great Strike of 1956, lasted 3 weeks—which is accompanied by a Nazım [Hikmet] poem.” Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/baris-kavgasi/ (30 October 2019).

Beyond the Saimaa Canal - Through the Canal to Savolinna

Date produced: 1971


Axel Olson

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