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Still image from The Mighty Amazon via Chicago Film Archives.


  • F.2007-08-0018 (Source: Chicago Film Archives)
  • F.2007-08-0031 (Source: Chicago Film Archives)

Date produced: 1957


Julian Gromer

Country of Production:

United States









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Chicago Film Archives list of titled amateur films


"2 part edited travelogue film of the people and customs encountered in towns along the Amazon River in South America. Part one includes landscapes, a variety of housing from towns to shacks along the river, people selling goods, trapping and selling exotic animals, herding cattle, boating, and a religious ceremony." Chicago Film Archives.


This film is a part of the Julian Gromer Collection held by Chicago Film Archives.


  • Belém, Brazil (Filming)
  • Marajo, Brazil (Filming)
  • Monte Alegre, Brazil (Filming)
  • Amazon River (Filming)






Julian Gromer Collection, Chicago Film Archives

Viewing Notes:

"PART 1/2: 00:00 - CU graphic, title card, animated plane flying over map, aerial shots of Amazon water and forests from plane, map of Amazon River, aerial of cityscape of Belem, MLS church w/ statue and mural, VS high-rise apartments, houses, CU exotic flowers 03:40 - PAN rooftops, MLS people walking, carrying wares through narrow streets, CU handmade sales signs, MS boys, boy kicks ball in street, MS man sweeping sidewalk, SA MS buses, train 05:19 - PAN canons, palm trees, ocean in background, HA sales tentss set up along water, MS people selling, wrapping, fruit, vegetables, prepared foods, CU boy drinking from bowl, CU coconuts, brooms, fans, bowls, PAN row of booths, VS people with their goods 08:07 - HA sailboats in water, VS men in boats, kids swimming, MS sawing ice, holding fish, MLS unloading cargo with cranes, MS men loading bails of twine, baskets, and nuts onto truck 10:32 - PAN water, MS CU boys sit near water collecting mosquitoes, CU, MS white couple with scout on trail in jungle, TILT UP tree, PAN vegetation, MS two men hold small monkey in jungle and take blood sample, MS man climbs tree to set up pulley, CU monkey in cage, lift cage into tree with pulley, CU snake, group loads monkey into back of jeep and drive off 14:03 - MS twin girls hold two small monkeys, CU animals on leashes, monkey in tree, lemur, parrots, VS women in elaborate costumes dance out of jungle like hunters 16:07 - map of Marajo, MS men exiting canoe, VS sunset, MS on sailboat, crew raises sails and flag, working on ship, aerial of land and water from plane, TS shacks and docks in jungle from boat, boat follows behind on river, man in canoe, TS town w/ church, swimmers 20:27 - MS man w/ wheelbarrow, row of houses, TS houses along river, MLS, MS men riding horses in river, MS men lift live cattle by their horns and neck into corals on boat, TS men in canoe, CU lily pads, PAN sunset, PAN cattle in coral at dawn, MS man riding water buffalo in coral, HA men on horses herding cows, MS boys grooming baby cows, CU new born puppies 24:15 - MS women with baby sitting on sewing machine, white man taking pictures of people in town, VS men entering jungle to retrieve a canoe 26:52 - map of Monte Alegro, TS ship, MLS passengers boarding ship with luggage, TS CU churning water from boat, MS man painting deck, MS couple talking, men in hammocks, VS animals, TS river, boats, towns, VS people showing baskets, food, animals, couples talking 30:58 - PAN busy streets of small town, people unload and sell their goods from ship, CU goods, PAN boys playing bongos 31:59-37:15 - MS men in religious dress praying in front of shrine/alter, set up candles, VS people dancing in circle, man gives blessings, dress man and give him drink, people pray, man goes into trance, drinks blood from neck of live chicken as people clap in circle, dances while running candle flames over body, INTERMISSION" via Chicago Film Archives.

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