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Still from Canada Coast to Coast Part 2. Image via Chicago Film Archives


  • F.2007-08-0008 (Source: chicagofilmarchive.org )

Date produced: 1956


Julian Gromer

Country of Production:

United States







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Chicago Film Archives list of titled amateur work.


"2 part edited travelogue film beginning in Ontario and working west to British Columbia, documenting the resources, landscape and recreation of Canada. Includes a large amount of natural scenery, but also diverse events such as fishing, a rodeo and water sports. Also gives a look into factories and resorts." Chicago Film Archives


Part of the Julian Gromer collection held by Chicago Film Archives


  • Canada (Filming)





Julian Gromer Collection, Chicago Film Archives

Viewing Notes:

"REEL 2/2 00:09 - Title: Canada Coast to Coast! Sudbury, Ontario. Var. LS footage of industrial areas with factories. 00:53 - Sault St. Marie, Ontario. Var. exterior factories, CU of smelting. Scenes at a harbor; MS, CU man selling snacks, an open top boat cruise with tourists. 02:32 - Kenora, Ontario. Aerial footage over forests, lakes and houses. Recreation scenes at Shelton’s Canadian camp. Follows a boat of men and a boy as they fish and eventually cook their catches. CU on details such as the fish, gutting and cooking, intercut with a brief TS on the lake, and a man motorboating through choppy waters. 08:14 - Winnipeg, Manitoba. LS of city buildings, cityscape, TS of residential areas. Brief shot of swans and a statue outside a garden gate. 09:12 - Regina, Saskatchewan. Var. machines and factories in LS at different times of the year. Interior of turning and sparking machinery. Sheared sheep in a grassy field. Fields of flowers and grain waving in the wind in MS and CU. Tractor reaping grain. PAN of horizon at sunset. 12:24 - Lethbridge, Alberta. Scenes at a rodeo. Bucking horses, wrangling calves, rodeo clowns, bullfighting and stagecoach racing. Mostly MLS and LS from the stands and sidelines. Brief shots of the audience in cowboy hats. 16:19 - Waterton, Alberta. ELS PAN of mountainous landscape. Var. outdoor scenes; resort chateau dwarfed by a mountain, view from a boat on a lake, waterfalls, LS of tourists among the scenery. ZOOM IN on numerous flowers. 18:56 - Banff, Alberta. Beautiful ES of a town street with mountains in the background. Footage in a garden, people walking around and CU of flowers. ELS of a castle-like resort on a hill followed var. scenery including an interesting small rock formation. 20:34 - Lake Louise, Alberta. Var. lakeside, mountainous scenes in LS, some with PAN. LS large misty waterfall in cliffs. Snow topped peaks. 22:32 - Jasper, Alberta. Var. views within a resort complex by a tranquil lake consisting of numerous luxury cabins. Follows a man on a bicycle as he delivers a tray of coffee carafes and bottled water. Interior of a room with a focus on a large clock in the Haida style. 24:03 - Radium Springs, British Columbia. Poolside at a resort. Reverse motion footage of boys on a diving board. 24:42 - Nelson, British Columbia. Houses and fields in a green valley, TS past wooden houses and fences. 25:48 - Kelowna, British Columbia. Sign advertising the August Regatta. A parade; floats, bagpipes, people dressed as cavepeople. ES PAN of crowd assembled by lake and the set up of var. activities. Footage of water skiing, diving, racing laps, motor boats on the water. 28:12 - Penticton, British Columbia. At an orchard. ES and a man spraying pesticide followed by CU of var. fruit in the trees. 28:49-31:56 - Vancouver, British Columbia. An overview of Vancouver in many brief unrelated scenes. CU of teacups and Hummel figurines, totem poles, men playing cricket and bocce on a vast lawn, women on the beach holding hands and running into the surf. PAN of var. types of scenery. CU and MS on flowers and wildlife (including a moose). The End appears over a still of a sunset over water." Viewing notes by Chicago Film Archives

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