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Still from The Fabulous Gulf Coast Part 1. Image via Chicago Film Archives


  • F.2007-08-0019 (Source: chicagofilmarchive.org )

Date produced: 1954


Julian Gromer

Country of Production:

United States







Sound Notes:



Chicago Film Archives list of titled amateur work


"2 part edited footage of a road trip along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to the border of Mexico. Includes much natural scenery, often from a moving car, but also documents visits to the Tabasco factory and two ranches. A woman also evokes the Longfellow poem, Evangeline, by taking a wistful walk." Chicago Film Archives


Part of the Julian Gromer collection held by Chicago Film Archives


  • Florida, USA (Filming)
  • New Orleans, LA (Filming)






Julian Gromer Collection, Chicago Film Archives

Viewing Notes:

"PART 1/2: 00:00 - map of Suwannee, FL to Brownsville, TX, SA MLS car pulling small speed boat drives up to Gulf, time lapse boat cover peeling back, MS our Host humorously struggles to remove jacket, pushes boat into water 02:01 - map of Wakulla, FL, RA MLS Host riding in boat, TS trees and swamp water, VS birds, cranes, eagles, FA boat riding through thick vegetation, TS river ahead, MS man taking pictures, MS alligator swimming, MLS boat pulling up to dock 04:48 - HA swimmers on docks sunbathing, diving, snorkeling in clear blue water, underwater shots of coral, fish 06:23 - MS Host spinning in boat, underwater shots of fish, then boat going by, MLS Host filming falls into water w/ camera, CU opens up to find a fish inside 07:51 - map of Panama City, FL, TS tall skinny trees, MLS factory, smoke stacks, TS white sand beaches, MLS ZOOM IN CU tractor leveling sand, TS beach houses, MS man taking photographs 09:20 - map of Pensacola, FL, MS, CU pilot boarding Navy propellor plane, VS plane takes off 10:37 - Var HA, MLS Time-lapse cars driving through busy intersections 11:33 - map of Mobile, AL, LS, MLS Host zips by in speed boat under transportation bridge, MLS stops to fish, catches and releases a fish 13:13 - map of Bellingrath, AL, VS women in bright dresses walk through gardens, fountains, feed swans, children look on, CU flowers, posing by pool of lily pads 16:56 - Biloxi, MS, trees, PAN DOWN to Host’s car and boat, Host wakes up, gets ready, eats breakfast with camera man 17:53 - MLS two men pull net out of Gulf, throw catch into buckets, MS five men take two fishing boats into water from beach, MS women sun bathing, ZOOM IN lighthouse w/ clouds rolling in in background 19:09 - boat POV PAN, VS sailboats in water, MLS traffic on street played in reverse, MS FA couple eats watermelon at table, TS neighborhood houses, VS palm trees, flowers, TS women walking outside at Sun-N-Sand Hotel Court, MLS people at the pool, CU kids swimming, VS women going down water slide, HA MLS, CU women doing laps in pool 23:02 - car TS road, map of Gulfport, MS, MLS family in speedboat, PAN ZOOM IN MS fishing boats, CU hands holding shrimp 24:08 - map of New Orleans, LA, LS cars on road through trees, PAN to host taking pictures of sky, PAN sky, TIME-LAPSE blue sky with white clouds rolling in, VS wind blowing banana tree, grass, LS black stormy sky, wind whipping trees, MS black storm 25:56 - TS New Orleans street at night, neon signs and lights, AERIAL New Orleans cityscape, barges on water, stadium, Huey P. Long Bridge, industrial and farm lands, PAN rooftops, MLS church, PAN ZOOM IN statue memorial 28:31 - MS boy scout raising American flag, TILT UP flag, MLS perspective city building, CU street lamp sign “Pirates Al., S. Orleans Al.” PAN street vendor, CU trinkets, MS art prints, PAN woman selling prints in front of a wall of art, CU art, CU salesperson 30:03 - PAN building, MS balcony, ZOOM IN architectural detail, ZOOM OUT LS row of buildings and street, PAN CU fence design, indoor/outdoor garden space, ZOOM in statue, greenery, MS older white woman posing with a life-sized African American statue/doll in flannel with head scarf [keyword racism!], MS wax figures of royalty 31:44 - MLS people entering restaurant, ZOOM IN sign, interior MLS mostly empty fancy dining room, MLS exterior shops, VS people dining on restaurant patio, CU food, checkered table cloth, hands feed food to the camera 33:21 - map of Delta, LA, AERIAL green forests, geometric canals, river, farmlands, TS houses, mausoleums, CU car tires driving over oyster shells, AERIAL river delta, barges, MLS PANS sulfur plant 36:35-39:35 - TS moss covered trees, PAN neighborhood of small houses, PAN equipment, boats in water, Host standing by enormous machinery, RA car driving off, MLS generator TILT UP men working on oil drill tower, VS parts of drilling platform and machinery in motion, TS cloudy sky sunset, LS sunset behind ship, sign END OF REEL ONE" Viewing notes by Chicago Film Archives

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