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Still from Southwold Holiday via EAFA


  • 8964 (Source: East Anglian Film Archive)

Date produced: 1934


Victor Harrison






400 ft





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"Nineteen thirties holiday film of the Harrison family at a number of Suffolk coastal holiday hotspots; including Southwold, Lowestoft, the Broads (Beccles), and Thorpeness. This reel, with scenes in both Dufaycolor and black and white, shows the family having a jolly old time bathing, picnicking at their beach hut, horse riding, and sailing. Intertitles include “Susan on the li-lo” and “tea with the mater” (BFI.org.uk)


  • Southwold, Suffolk, UK (Filming)






East Anglian Film Archive

Viewing Notes:

"Various shots of waves crashing onto the beach at Southwold. Camera pans across the street in Southwold, showing the Swan Hotel and people walking along the street. A car drives past the camera. Someone bikes past the Swan Hotel. More shots of the busy street in Southwold. A woman rides a horse through the street whilst talking to a woman walking alongside her. The woman moves the horse out of the way of a car whilst continuing her conversation with the other woman. The woman on foot sees a lady she recognises walking across the street and so waves and runs over to her. She brings her over to the woman on the horse and they shake hands. She signals to the person behind the camera and the two women look around the horse towards the camera. Shot of a woman riding a horse along the beach. They run towards the camera. Shot of the Neale family gathered on the beach. A little girl jumps down from a wall and a man catches her. Two children, John and Susan, paddle in the sea with rubber rings. A woman with a towel wrapped around her and a boy walk down the wooden slope to the beach. Both families’ children are swimming in the sea. A woman and a child walk down the beach and into the sea. Children playing with sand on the beach. John and Susan are sitting in boats on Fritton Lake. The scenes that follow were filmed in Dufaycolor. Shot of a sailing boat on the water followed by a shot of the sea waves. John and Susan row the boats on Fritton Lake followed by a shot of them riding horses. More shots of the sea. Camera pans along the red flowers in the walled gardens of Fritton Lake. Shot of a woman and a little girl walking down the garden towards the lake where a rowing boat is tethered. Camera pans across the lake and the plants in the garden. Shot of Sammy and Kath sitting by a wall on Southwold beach followed by a shot of Mrs Lewis paddling in the sea. Sammy, Kath and a little girl are all sitting by the wall. Mrs Lewis and another lady are talking on the beach." (EAFA Database)

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