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  • AV14/10/V1 (Source: Wessex Film & Sound Archive )

Date produced: 1931

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Country of Production:

United Kingdom




format unknown



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"The story concerns a girl who, during her husband’s absence in the East, takes a lover. The husband returns home unexpectedly, and, in a heated scene, threatens the lover with an automatic. Unfortunately for him this expansive gesture is witnessed by a tramp. The tramp thinks he had better retreat. As he hurries from the scene he hears a shot ring out and returns to find that the lover has been killed. He reports to a policeman, with the result that the husband is arrested, tried, and condemned to death. Dramatic Climax - With feminine perversity the wife now realises that it is her husband who she really loves, and implores her sister’s fiancé, a member of the C.I.D., to save her husband, whom she believes innocent. He promises to do his best, and, on fuller investigation, finds a sodden letter near the spot where the murder was committed. On making enquiries he finds that a man has recently been lodging at the address given on the envelope, who had just returned from America, and had disappeared on the day of the murder. When finally arrested the man tells of a private vendetta with the lover and of his determination to be avenged. A witness to the quarrel, he shoots the erstwhile friend just after the quarrel with the husband. The final scenes lend themselves to a thrilling climax. The final shot portrays the face of the murderer as he discharges his gun point blank at the audience" (M.A.L.B. 1931: 6).


M.A.L.B. “The Cine Amateurs: Lively Interest in “The Era” Contest.” November 11, 1931.


  • Bournemouth, UK. (Filming)
  • Portsmouth, UK. (Filming)

Club Affiliation:

Crystal Productions Ltd.

Club Affiliation:

Bournemouth Film Club






Wessex Film & Sound Archive


  • Amateur Cine Exhibition, Selfridges, London, UK, July, 1932.: London, UK.

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Amateur Cine Exhibition, Selfridges, London, UK, July, 1932.

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