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Still image from Around the Lake and Over the Bridge via Chicago Film Archives.


  • F.2007-02-0002 (Source: Chicago Film Archives)

Date produced: 1965


Warren Thompson

Country of Production:

United States









Sound Notes:



Chicago Film Archives list of titled amateur films


"Travelogue of cities, towns, and outdoor activities found around Lake Michigan. There is a wide variety of footage, including sand dunes, beaches, parades, many shots of flowers, ships, industrial ports scenes, attractions of historic horse-and-buggy town Mackinaw City, a mansion on fire, Grand Hotel: World’s Largest Summer Hotel, camping, rafting, farmers harvesting crops, and the Prudential Building in Chicago." Chicago Film Archives.


Produced from 1955 to 1965.

This film is a part of the Warren Thompson Collection held by Chicago Film Archives.


  • Lake Michigan (Filming)
  • Mackinaw City, Michigan (Filming)
  • Chicago, Illinois (Filming)






Warren Thompson Collection, Chicago Film Archives

Viewing Notes:

"00:00 - title card, CU map of Lake Michigan, MS wave rolling in, sand dunes, CU cherries 00:50 - MS flower gardens in tree lawn, little girls in bonnets, VS parade, people in traditional Holland dress, clogs and bonnets w/ pails sweeping water off street, dancing 04:06 - VS MLS people walking around flower gardens, CU flowers, box “Product of Holland” 04:55 - HA LS rural highway, PAN sand dunes, LS, TS MS people hiking up huge sand dune, FA kids running and rolling down dune 06:42 - VS “Dune Ride” cars driving to and on dunes, parked overlooking dunes 07:34 - VS dune landscapes, dead wood, scattered vegetation, Lake Michigan in distance, car on horizon, dunes at dusk 08:45 - MLS lake, gravelly beach w/ forested landscape, VS trees against blue sky w/ clouds, CU pines, cabin TILT UP pine trees 09:32 - Var LS ships on lake horizon, CU Michigan State ship, cars driving onto ship 10:24 - MS panels, architectural rendering of Mackinaw City St. Ignace Bridge, VS cranes constructing incomplete St. Ignace Bridge in var. phases, TS construction progress, Var LS finished bridge 12:48 - VS car POV scenery driving across bridge, exiting toll way, LS bridge 14:43 - MLS, MS people aboard Algomah II Mackinaw City ferry, CU boy standing at bow, LS houses and buildings on shore 15:29 - CU stone relief sign “American Fur,” MLS “Original Astor Fur Post” building, CU sign “Fort Mackinac 1780”, PAN, VS buildings and fort, CU canon 16:47 - MS, MLS passengers exiting ship w/ luggage, HA strip of old fashioned town with horse and buggies, MS man sweeping horse manure in street 17:40 - MS horse and buggies parked, driver helping passengers board carriage, women feeding horses, man scooping manure 18:31 - MS people riding bikes, parked bicycles 18:49 - MLS people riding, walking street and sidewalk, MS man and woman board carriage, RA children riding on back, horse and buggy TS 19:31 - MS sign “William Backhouse Astor” residence, MLS white house, buggy passing by, HA docks, town, Var MLS mansions, PAN floral landscapes, CU trees in blossom, MLS Island House 21:47 - PAN lake landscape, CU bark on trees, MS horse and buggy parked in woods, LS natural rock bridge formation, RA man sketching bridge, LS beach w/ driftwood, Var CU flowers 23:13 - farmers take horses off buggy at stables, MLS horses packed in a coral 23:34 - Var CU flowers 24:59 - MS trees w/ light under canopy, bed of flowers, HA forested landscape 25:31 - LS mansion on fire, MS firefighters drive truck to house, spray hose inside house, PAN onlookers on bikes, MS smoke engulfed house, men remove dresser from house, TILT UP roof on fire 26:41 - LS PAN colonial hotel, MS, HA guests arriving in carriage, MS row American flags, CU sign “Grand Hotel, World’s Largest Summer Hotel”, MLS SA porch lined w/ flags, LS lake porch POV, MLS guests on hotel steps, LS outdoor patio w/ pool in background, HA carriage leaving hotel, handheld PAN hotel and flower gardens, VS pool, sunbathers, divers, kids on water slide 29:51 - RA guests in lounge chairs in garden, VS flowers, gardens, sprinklers, MLS white house, trees, CU butterfly 32:41 - VS HA lake landscapes, ships, bridge, HA carriage at hotel, PAN, LS Grand Hotel 34:04 - VS gateways opening for ship passing through industrial port 35:22 - MS PAN people riding on open train, train TS landscape of pine trees 35:50 - HA Paul Bunyan boat, MS man wrapping up rope, boat TS pine tree landscape, tour ships passing on water 37:45 - VS waterfalls 38:26 - MLS men rowing rubber raft into river, raft POV TS river rapids 40:06 - MS man cooking meal over campfire, fishing, MS woman drinking from can, MS raft, Var MLS river rapids 41:15 - MS boy picking berries, LS rural landscapes, barns, roads, VS, PANS fields of crops, hay, man harvesting hay with farm machinery, VS field of flowers 42:54 - Var MLS trees with autumn leaves lining roads, Var MLS snow covered roads 43:32-43:49 - MS waves crashing, MLS Prudential Building, MS waves at dusk," via Chicago Film Archives.

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