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3 Studi di scultura animata [3 Studies of Animated Sculpture]

Date produced: 1937


Antonio Giannini

Gianantonio Fabris


frammenti che includono: Apollo e Dafne, Fantasia plastica, Uomo stanco [tuttavia i titoli variano in Gli amanti impossibili, Mutazioni, Apollo e Dafne] Fragments that include: Apollo and Daphne; Plastic Fantasia, Tired Man [the titles vary as The Impossible Lovers, Mutations, Apollo and Daphne]


Date produced: 1950


Louis Shore


"Animules are imaginary animals which may be constructed from such common materials as wet paper, paste, wire, string, and paint. A class of junior high students show how to make animules. A base of wet newspaper is tied around a thin piece of wire and paper mache is then added and molded to the desired shape. A coat of paste gives a smooth surface which may then be painted. Odds and ends pasted on for decoration" Library and Archives Canada.

Apple Sculpture

Date produced: 1971


Frank L. Kreznar


"Apple Sculpture by Frank L. Kreznar of Milwaukee, Wis. No Literal description of this film is possible more than the title itself. This surprising hobby is beautifully presented in this 8-minute 16mm film that was awarded a Ten Best Medal" PSA Journal, Nov. 1971, 41

Architecture and Fine Arts

Date produced: 1936


Frances Christeson

Harry Merrick


"Frances Christeson and Harry Merrick have shown in their film, Architecture and Fine Arts, what can be done with the motion picture camera by sensitive, yet systematic, movie makers. Produced under the supervision of A. C. Weatherland, dean of the College of Architecture and Fine Arts at the University of Southern California, the picture shows students at work and gives glimpses of class room technique in teaching most of the fine arts. Although no section of the film is long or detailed enough to serve the purpose of teaching, the film, as a whole, gives a very clear and concise picture of the scope of the work of the architecture and fine arts college of the University of Southern California. Technically and cinematically, this record is superb; beautiful compositions, carefully selected and composed scenes, combined with titles of distinction, make it a truly outstanding production. Included in the picture, that is for the most part in black and white, are color sequences of stained glass windows." Movie Makers, Dec. 1936, 542.

Arena [Sand]

Date produced: 1986


Silvia Gruner


"Arena (Sand, 1986), a soft, grainy projection in which Mexican artist Silvia Gruner, naked, on a beach, climbs a dune, sits, rubs sand and red pigment over her body, and then somersaults all the way down. The video loops, and Gruner repeats her uphill trek again and again. Sisyphean, certainly, and yet her only burden was herself and that looked like freedom" (Brown, 2017)

Arizona Utopia

Date produced: 1960


Robert Davis

Theresa Davis


"A two-part lecture travelogue film on the state of Arizona. The film would have been originally presented with live narration by the filmmaker, Robert Davis. Part one includes footage of desert landscapes, ranches, pre-historic artifacts, Native American art production & industry (wigs, textiles, etc), saloons, regional industry (logging, agricultural, and dams). Part two also includes footage of desert landscapes, cacti and dams as well as scenes from Phoenix and the surrounding area. Highlights from part two include a tour of a trailer park and footage of people skiing and sledding down a snowy hill." Chicago Film Archives.

Art Designs Using Cathode Rays

Date produced: 1968


Paul E. Stephens

Art In the Negro Schools

Date produced: 1940


Kenneth F. Space


"Educational film surveying the instruction of the fine and performing arts at leading African American institutions, including Calhoun, Dillard, Fisk, Hampton, and Howard. The film argues that exposure to theater, music, dance, and the fine arts produces well-rounded students and enriches their lives." National Film Preservation Foundation.

Art of Photo Engraving, The

Date produced: 1930


Edward J. Schon


"The Art of Photo Engraving, 1600 ft., 16mm., filmed by Edward J. Schon, tells the story of photo engraving from the first step to the last. It makes the complete process clear to the nontechnical audience while its interest to the engraver is such that Mr. Schon was invited to attend the recent American Photo Engravers' Convention in Philadelphia to screen the film and speak on his experiences in making it. It is probable that this excellent amateur made industrial has initiated a series of similar films on the same topic. Because of the unusually careful focusing and consistently even exposure, in spite of the wide variety of lighting conditions met with in interior scenes, this film is photographically outstanding. The continuity, presenting the plant's operations in natural sequence, is commendable for its clarity, particularly in view of the numerous complicated processes featured." Movie Makers, Dec. 1930, 759.

Artist’s Delight

Date produced: 1955


An artist sets up his easel on a shore with the intention of painting a nature scene. Soon, people gather at the shore and thwart the artist's plan to paint.

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