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Still image from Colorado Today and Yesterday in University Scope, Jan. 4, 1967, 2.

Date produced: 1958


Stanley Midgley

Country of Production:

United States




2 reels





Sound Notes:



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"In a color chucklelogue Midgley will show spectacular pictures of Colorado today and give a nostalgic look into Colorado's colorful past. . . . The film features Denver, Pikes Peak, the Garden of the Gods, the Royal Gorge, Estes Park, ascent of Longs Peak, Trail Ridge Road, skiing at Aspen, and pictures of ghost towns and horseless carriages. Some of these pictures, filmed in excellent color years ago during the last days of the Narrow Gaugers, could never be replaced." The Clock Tower, Oct. 17, 1969, 1.


This film is a part of the Stan Midgley Collection held by the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

Screening references: The San Bernardino County Sun, Jan. 24, 1958, 16; Arlington Heights Herald, Nov. 17, 1960, 21; SMC Alumni Bulletin, Dec. 1961, 2; The Terre Haute Tribune, Aug. 16, 1961, 13; The La Sierra College Criterion, Jan. 10, 1963, 1; The Chelsea Standard, March 28, 1963, 5; Independent Star-News, Jan. 2, 1966, 91; University Scope, Jan. 4, 1967, 2; The Daily Iowan, Oct. 13, 1967, 2; The Clock Tower, Oct. 17, 1969, 1.


  • Denver, Colorado (Filming)
  • Pikes Peak, Colorado (Filming)
  • Arapaho National Forest, Colorado (Filming)
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado (Filming)
  • Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado (Filming)
  • Cold Shivers Point, Colorado (Filming)
  • Glenn Wood springs, Colorado (Filming)
  • Aspen Mountain, Colorado (Filming)
  • Mount Vermillion, Colorado (Filming)
  • Durango, Colorado (Filming)
  • Ouray, Colorado (Filming)
  • Telluride, Colorado (Filming)
  • Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado (Filming)
  • Silverton, Colorado (Subject)





Stan Midgley Collection, UCLA Film and Television Archive


  • Screened at the San Bernadino Municipal Auditorium on Jan. 25, 1958: San Bernadino, CA
  • Screened as part of High School District 214’s Travel and Adventure Series on Nov. 22, 1960: Arlington Heights, IL
  • Screened at Southern Missionary College's Tabernacle-Auditorium on Oct. 14, 1961: Collegedale, TN
  • Screened as part of the Terre Haute Kiwanis Club's Travel and Adventure series in Feb. of 1962: Terre Haute, IN
  • Screened at La Sierra College on Jan. 19, 1963: La Sierra, CA
  • Screened at Chelsea High School in March of 1963: Chelsea, MI
  • Screened at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on Jan. 14, 1966: Pasadena, CA
  • Screened at Loma Linda University on Jan. 14, 1967: Loma Linda, CA
  • Screened at the University of Iowa's Macbride Auditorium in Oct. of 1967: Iowa City, IA
  • Screened at the Union College auditorium on Oct. 18, 1969: Lincoln, NE

Viewing Notes:

"Content: [Reel 1] - 1937 postcards of Colorado Rockies. Trains. Flowers. Hiking in the mountains. Denver. State Capital Building. Pikes Peak. Car racing. White water rafting. Arapaho National Forest. Longs Peak Inn. Sight gag-Stan flattened by a stationwagon. Bicycling. Rock quarry. Camp Bird. Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Content: [Reel 2] - Dinosaur National Monument. Cold Shivers Point. Glenn Wood springs. Aspen Mountain chair lift in winter and autumn. Vale ski resort. Breckenridge. Trash can sight gag. Leadville. Mount Vermillion. Sheep hearding. Durango. Ouray. Telluride. Galloping Goose train. Mesa Verde National Park. Million Dollar Highway. Silverton." Via UCLA Film and Television Archive.