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Vanishing Cream

Date produced: 1945


A married couple is hosting another couple for dinner. Before the dinner, the husband gives his wife a container of "vanishing cream," which they both use believing it to be a skincare product. When the dinner guests arrive, people and pets that contact the cream vanish from sight.

Visible Woman, The

Date produced: 1964


Franklin W. Warwick


"The Visible Woman is an attractive little package about a woman who tries to construct a visible woman. Doesn't sound like much of a theme, does it? But with a parallel in counterpoint between herself and her son, the injection of a cat that at times steals the show, and a real twist at the end, this well lighted and well photographed little gem is one you'll remember for quite a spell. Probably its finest feature is its editing - great" PSA Journal, Sept. 1964, 51.

Wild Dogs of Africa

Date produced: 1969


Frederick C. Harshbarger


"Wild Dogs of Africa is a film by a perennial winner, Fred Harshbarger of Colton, Calif. Most of us have seen films made in Africa but this nine minutes is not about the "run-of-the-mill" African animals that one expects. Who would think of making a film about wild dogs? Well Fred did - and because of it we all know just a little more of that part of the world. Naturally it's in color and shot with the usual Harshbarger "know-how". Winning the Nature Award was a natural for this picture" PSA Journal, Nov. 1969, 56.

Witch Cat, The

Date produced: 1949


William A. Thomas


"A witch who tires of her venomous role decides to transmit her characteristics to the soul of a cat. In this utterly charming film, William A. Thomas shows that he understands this soul perfectly — in both its winsome and its wilder aspects. With inexhaustible patience, he has recorded all the mischievous doings of a lively kitten that finally sees the light of love and casts off the witch's spell — i.e., the cat has kittens. Mr. Thomas's staging of the witch scenes — a role played with relish by Olive Thomas — is eerie and effective, while his sequences on the satanic feline are done with amused affection. The Witch Cat will appall those who "can't bear the beasts," delight those who adore them." Movie Makers, Dec. 1949, 455.

Young Fella

Date produced: 1948


Walter Bergmann


"Young Fella is a teaching film; it is also a family film. Again Walter Bergmann presents his charming household and shows the devotion of its members for pets. This time it is a young cocker spaniel that is the star. Subtitles on the proper care of dogs point up the scenes which demonstrate the advice given, as to feeding, bathing, playing and proper use of a run. Young Fella is an appealing pup and a willing actor, but the Bergmann cats steal some of the scenes in typical fashion." Movie Makers, Dec. 1948, 496.

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