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Wilderness Work at Cold Fish Lake

Date produced:


Tommy Walker


"A hunting trip on the Spatsizi Plateau, led by guide-outfitter Tommy Walker of Cold Fish Lake Camp" British Columbia Archives.
This film was produced at some time during the 1950s or 1960s.

Yellowstone and Glacier Park by Bicycle

Date produced: 1960


Stanley Midgley


"Stan Midgley returns again, this time presenting the "Yellowstone Tetons and Glacier Park." In the wonderful northwest corner of Wyoming you can see spectacular mountains, beautiful lakes, canyons, waterfalls, wild animals and more natural wonders than a tourist can see in a month. There are superb pictures of most of the world's greatest geysers and the changes made by the great 1959 earthquake with before and after pictures. There is Earthquake Lake and its notorious landslide. The Cooke City Red Lodge Highway over the Beartooth Mountains —Ghost Towns and modern towns of Western Montana —Glacier Park, beautiful from the highway, incomparable from the wilderness trail. The ending comes in the golden glory of autumn." Central Union Reaper, Sept. 27, 1966, 3.

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