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With My Dog

Date produced: 1935


Horomu Yamamoto


"The Yamamoto picture was a record of a hike over the hills and the countryside with a dog." American Cinematographer, Feb. 1937, 73.

Wood Block Printing

Date produced: 1962


John Kono


"Wood block printing is one of the highest forms of art in Japan. It was first introduced into that country 2000 years ago, from China. With hammer and chisel, various cuts are made in the wood block to create the pattern to be printed. A separate block is cut for each hue. The form of each block is inked and impressed upon the paper or cloth or obtain the complete print. The picture takes us gently stimulate our interest in the art of wood block printing. we are privileged to see some of the exquisite prints. The narrator's voice with its oriental flavor adds a delightful touch to the picture. This will be included in the Package" PSA Journal, Oct. 1962, 34.

World Through a View Finder, The (Part I)

Date produced:


Edwin Mayer


"This amateur film captures Edwin and Minnie Mayer’s worldwide adventure across Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe in the 1950s. This segment documents stops in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Malaysia" Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

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