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Messner pictured in Movie Makers, April 1949, 131.

William Messner

Club Affiliation

Amateur Cinema League

Amateur Movie Society of Bergen County




ACL Ten Best 1948
ACL Ten Best 1950
ACL Ten Best 1951
ACL Ten Best 1952 - Honorable Mention
ACL Ten Best 1953 - Honorable Mention
PSA Harris B. Tuttle Trophy, 1954
PSA Four Star Winner 1955
PSA Ten Best 1958 - Honorable Mention
IAC Challenge Trophy for Best Story, 1960
PSA Ten Best 1961 - Honorable Mention
IAC Film Collection, East Anglian Film Archive


Maxine’s Big Moment (1948)

Pie a la Muggs (1961)

Hands Around The Clock (1950)

Blades and Sails (1951)

Fire-Fighters Field Day (1952)

Dark Interlude (1953)

Knights and Daze (1955)

Introspection (1958)

Biographical Notes:

From Teaneck, New Jersey. Also referred to as Bill Messner.

Bibliographic Resources:

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Messner pictured in The PSA Journal, Dec. 1955, 37.
Messner pictured in The PSA Journal, Dec. 1955, 37.