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  • 2004-0059 (Source: Library and Archives Canada)

Date produced: 1950


Charles Woodley

Country of Production:





166 ft





Sound Notes:



Library and Archives Canada list of titled amateur films


"Film about a surprise party at the Woodley residence." Library and Archives Canada.


This film is a part of the Charles Devenish Woodley Collection held by Library and Archives Canada.

Club Affiliation:

Toronto Amateur Movie Club





Charles Devenish Woodley Collection, Library and Archives Canada

Viewing Notes:

"It shows: a baby getting a bath; Charlie Woodley doing the dishes; a group of people holding sign reading “Surprise” enter the house and go into the living room; guests dancing; man playing piano; close-up of dancing feet; people sing; guests playing games such as rolling dice, trying to eat an apple hanging from a string, dropping clothes pegs in a bottle and blowing up balloons; woman pretending to read a magazine and laughing; men play with straws; woman mugs for the camera; men get out a film projector and a screen; intertitle reading “Col. Cobb Award Film”; colour film of a mock-travelogue entitled “Glimpses of Khandi Land”; shots of people getting on plane; plane takes off; street scenes; shop fronts; chickens in a cage; dog on pavement; Shriners parade; old car; intertitle indicating curious dances and customs, following by scenes of girl dancers wearing saddle shoes and of a group of Brownies; comic intertitles “Wattamuddi River and Gorges” and “Bubbling Pots of Por Ridge”; two boys walking along what appears to be badlands; dog with them; intertitle "A Genuine Fakir"; scene of a Caucasian man in a turban pretending to be a snake charmer as a bed sheet hanging on a line writhes; sheet is removed to reveal a ladder; man climbs down ladder which does not appear to be resting against anything; ladder leaning against house; man stands next to it; ladder keeps moving away; man carries ladder into a lake; takes ladder to raft; man goes into water; man’s hat floats off his head as he submerges and floats away; intertitle reading “end of Reel 1"; return to the black-and-white party sequence; close-up of dancing feet; guests leave; and final shot of the Woodleys, lying exhausted, holding the "Surprise" sign," via Library and Archives Canada.