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Cross Popular Vitoria-Gasteiz

Date produced: 1978


Eloy González Gavilán

Vanishing Cream

Date produced: 1945


A married couple is hosting another couple for dinner. Before the dinner, the husband gives his wife a container of "vanishing cream," which they both use believing it to be a skincare product. When the dinner guests arrive, people and pets that contact the cream vanish from sight.


Date produced: 1954


A married couple responds to a newspaper ad seeking homes for foreign delegates visiting America. The couple receives the news that their guests are coming from Hong Kong, China, and they begin to alter their home and appearances to adjust to Chinese customs. However, when the delegates arrive, they do not meet the couple's expectations.

Grand Rapids Amateur Movie Club: Open House November 1, 1961

Date produced: 1961


John Folkema


The G.R.A.M.C. holds an open house on November 1, 1961. This film documents the event, showing amateur filmmakers dining, conversing with one another, and examining cameras.

Surprise! Surprise! The Woodleys

Date produced: 1950


Charles Woodley


"Film about a surprise party at the Woodley residence." Library and Archives Canada.

Suite Two: A Memo to Oscar

Date produced: 1947


Dorothy Burritt

Stanley Fox


"Produced as a gift to Dorothy Burritt's husband, filmmaker Oscar Burritt (who was working in Toronto at the time), this is an offbeat study of life at their Vancouver apartment -- suite 2, 1960 Robson Street. The camera explores the apartment and the household memorabilia, and Dorothy is seen sitting for a portrait by painter Peter Bortkus. Later some friends drop by for a screening of Sacha Guitry's film Pearls of the Crown, followed by a party. Among the guests are Moira Armour, film editor Maureen Balfe, UBC student Stanley Fox, photographer Peter Varley, and an unnamed figure wearing a bird costume. Most of the people shown would have been involved with the National Film Society of Canada (Vancouver Branch). Suite Two won honourable mention (amateur category) at the first Canadian Film Awards in 1949." (BC Archives)

The film was restored in 1986 by the British Columbia Archives.

Is Seeing Believing by M.E. Dowe and W.J. Roach. Will He Live

Date produced: 1938


Milton Dowe


Date produced: 1969


Lawrence Zazelenchuk


Jami is a black-and-white film about beautiful girls that are actually the International Playboys, a well known singing and dancing group of three young men, in seven minutes, Larry Zazelenchuk of Sudbury, Ontario, shows us how the boys make-up to be some of the prettiest girls you have ever seen. In their conversation during make-up in the dressing room the boys leave no doubt about the fact this is not another film about homosexuals. This is strictly show business, well filmed and, certainly, an unusual subject,"PSA Journal, Mar. 1970, 43-44.


Date produced: 1965


"Hazards, which won the MPD Club Film Award, centers around a man who would rather be by himself than entertain friends who are about to call. He commands his wife to tell them he is in Montreal, but by story's end he finds deception can be a rather embarrassing thing" PSA Journal, Sept. 1965, 51.

Bohemian Baloney

Date produced: 1944


Werner Henze


"Werner Henze has shown in Bohemian Baloney that artists can make fun of themselves and their profession. An artist and his wife had planned to have a quiet evening at the movies when a telephone call warns of a visit by a wealthy prospective buyer of pictures and her meek husband. How the young couple suddenly transform their own characters and their tasteful and immaculate living room into a scene of "arty" surroundings is gaily depicted with just the right amount of farce. The compositions and lighting are excellent and there are gay, unexpected twists throughout, particularly when a self portrait of the artist comes to life." Movie Makers, Dec. 1944, 495.

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