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Frame capture of Another Day


  • F 4582-1 (Source: Archives of Ontario, Toronto Film and Video Club fonds)

Date produced: 1934


Leslie P. Thatcher

Country of Production:







1 reel (250 ft)





Sound Notes:



ACL Ten Best 1934
American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1934 - Documentary


"Among the Ten Best, Another Day, by Leslie Thatcher, ACL, is a splendid example of the relatively simple avant garde film, so popular among European amateurs but so seldom attempted by even the advanced workers of the American continent. Set against the background of Toronto, Another Day portrays in semi abstract fashion the dramatic changes which overtake the life and tempo of a great city as Saturday crosses the noontime deadline from work to play. Mr. Thatcher's conception of this theme is clean cut, his execution suave and technically brilliant. Dissolves, wipeoffs and double exposure are blended intelligently with matchless straight photography to enhance the beauty of striking angles and compositions. With the subject matter of such films ready to the hand of every amateur cameraman, it is a strange phenomenon that to date they are not attempted more often." Movie Makers, Dec. 1934, 513, 534.


Charles Tepperman provides a write up of Thatcher and Another Day for Orphans at MoMA: An Amateur Cinema League of Nations.

The film was available in the ACL's Club Film Library.

This film is a part of the Toronto Film and Video Club fonds held by the Archives of Ontario.


  • Toronto, ON (Filming)






Toronto Film and Video Club fonds, Archives of Ontario


  • Screened by the Toronto Amateur Movie Club in 1934: Toronto, ON
  • May 16-20, 1935: Fourth International Concourse of Amateur Film (La Vanguardia, 11 May 1935, 14): Barcelona, Spain
  • Screened by Roy W. Winton at a presentation for New York University in 1935: New York City, N.Y.
  • Screened by the Montreal Amateur Movie Club in 1935 and 1936: Montreal, QC
  • Screened by the Medford Movie Makers in 1936: Medford, OR
  • Screened by the Hartford Cinema Club in 1936: Hartford, CT
  • Screened by the Boston Cinamateur Club in 1936: Boston, MA
  • Screened by the Y.M.C.A. Movie and Camera Club in 1936: Des Moines, IA
  • Screened by the Jefferson City Cinema Club in 1937: Jefferson City, MO
  • Screened by the Staten Island Cinema Club in 1938: Staten Island, N.Y.
  • Screened by the Milwaukee Movie Makers in 1938: Milwaukee, WI
  • Screened by the Rockford Amateur Movie Club in 1940: Rockford, IL
  • Screened by the Oklahoma City Cinamateur Club in 1940: Oklahoma City, OK
  • Screened by the Greater New Bedford Movie Club in 1940: New Bedford, MA
  • Screened by the Trenton (N.J.) Movie Makers in 1945: Trenton, N.J.
  • Screened by the Brooklyn Amateur Cine Club in 1949: Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Presented by Charles Tepperman for "Home Movie Day" at the University of Calgary on October 10, 2015: Calgary, AB
  • Screened at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival on November 25, 2016: Buenos Aires, Argentina