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Movie Makers, January 1929, 847.

Date produced: 1928


James Sibley Watson

Melville Webber

Country of Production:

United States









Sound Notes:



National Film Registry (U.S.), 2000
National Film Preservation Foundation


"The Fall of the House of Usher" not only represents a new cinema technique but it is also unique in that it does not attempt to tell Poe's story in detail, rather to invoke in its audiences the esthetic impressions and moods which the tale creates in its readers. This revolutionary approach to the cinema opens a fascinating field for further pioneering. Fortified with the new scientific instruments which have recently been devised for the detection and recording of emotional reactions, the amateur producer may now truly be said to face a new world for cinematic experimentation in translating such reactions into film. Properly motivated by medical authority films of this nature may even prove to have a tremendous psychological significance. From any viewpoint "The Fall of the House of Usher" represents a forecast of possibilities which are amazing." Movie Makers, January 1929, 847.


"The Amateur Takes Leadership," Movie Makers, January 1929, 847. "The Films of J. S. Watson, Jr., and Melville Webber: Some Retrospective Views" by JAMES SIBLEY WATSON, JR. via University of Rochester Library.


  • Rochester, NY (Filming)






James Sibley Watson, Jr. Collection, George Eastman House (Rochester, N.Y.)
Institute of Amateur Cinematographers, EAFA


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