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Image from Westward Whoa. Chicago Film Archives


  • F.2005-01-0031 (Source: chicagofilmarchive.org )

Date produced: 1948


Fred Strauss









Sound Notes:



Chicago Film Archives list of titled amateur work


"Edited footage of western scenery on a road trip to Yellowstone Park. Includes scenes of camping and numerous landscapes, Mount Rushmore and the various grounds of Yellowstone with their hot springs and geysers." Chicago Film Archives


Part of the Margaret Conneely collection held by Chicago Film Archives


  • United States of America (Filming)

Club Affiliation:

Central Cinematographers





margaret Conneely Collection, Chicago Film Archives

Viewing Notes:

"00:00 - Title. A boy sits at a desk doing homework about hot spring. He falls asleep and dreams about a trip to Yellowstone. In the morning he and his father pack up the car and drive off. Footage of the car on the road, var. barren craggy scenery during day and dusk, and setting up a tent. 06:56 - Var. rocky scenery, PAN, still and TS. Intercut with waking up outside the tent, the car driving on the road, Native Americans outside a teepee in MS and CU. 10:34 - RA boy on an overlook, var. ELS of the view. Camping at Grizzly Bear Public Camp Ground; cooking outside, car driving on the surrounding pine lined roads. Mount Rushmore in var. angles; LS and MS with shaky PAN, footage of the monument sign, crowd of people. Man washing his face with soap in a river, LS and MS. 15:29 - Var. buffalo in a field, LS and MS. Fixing the car roadside, by rocky cliff facades. Mountain goat eating grass. PAN of a small lake, tombstone of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane. Scenery at Roughlock Falls; boy walking along the trail and setting up a camera, var. views of the falls in LS, MS and CU. 20:09 - TILT DOWN a river and falls. Var. views of car on the road, dwarfed by the cliffs. Var. brief unrelated scenes; people at a dam, HA of rushing water, people getting water from a spring in a rock wall, ELS of snow capped mountains, black bears on the road blocking the car and in forest, man fishing. 24:40 - Old Faithful erupting MS and ELS, the crowds as they watch. Var. views of the surrounding thermal springs and geysers, with CU of bubbling water and steam. 31:04 - Black bear at the roadside, MCU. The fountain paint pots, CU of the bubbling mud. Var. steaming landscapes in Yellowstone Park, also forest landscapes, and var. views of waterfalls. CU of hot springs. 35:59-41:20 - Var. views of Yellowstone River and Tower Falls. Many var. flowers in CU and MS. Camera TILT to follow a river in HA. Waterfalls from var. angles. RA of women as a geyser erupts, ELS of landscape, car drives off." viewing notes via Chicago Film Archives

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