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Wilderness Work at Cold Fish Lake

Date produced:


Tommy Walker


"A hunting trip on the Spatsizi Plateau, led by guide-outfitter Tommy Walker of Cold Fish Lake Camp" British Columbia Archives.
This film was produced at some time during the 1950s or 1960s.

Windbeam Beavers

Date produced: 1935


Niels-Eske Brock

Clara Brock

Work of Nature–in Florida

Date produced: 1964


J. Ira Laird


"Work of Nature–in Florida takes us to this tropical state for a glimpse of many forms of wild life including the ever present alligator and the night prowling raccoon, but mostly this is a film about bird life. We see good glimpses of the snowy egret, the wood duck, night heron, hawk, wood stork, cormorant, little blue heron, grackle, macaw, cockatoo, peacocks and many others. A good narration, well delivered and full of factual information, keeps this film moving. It was winner of the MPD Nature Film Award" PSA Journal, Sept. 1964, 50.

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