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Senritsu [Melody]

Date produced: 1933


Mori Kurenai


"short abstract animation featuring visual rhythms created by the tempo and movement of circular, triangular, and square objects. Mori’s Senritsu was a black-and-white animation with synchronized music accompaniment, and Shimizu noted how the film attuned the visual images to the rhythm of the music, describing that “this kind of valuable experiment will inspire commercial talkies, more than Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony do.” - Noriko Morisue, "Filming the Everyday: History, Theory, and Aesthetics of Amateur Cinema in Interwar and Wartime Japan" (Yale University: PhD Dissertation, 2020): 99.

Strictly Confidential

Date produced: 1932


Henry Bulleid


"Amateur filmmaker, cinema historian and railway engineer H.A.V. Bulleid employs an array of camera effects and trick photography techniques in this experimental short. Bulleid uses a mirror to distort a woman's reflection and a lens mask to conjure multiple images of her within the same frame, followed by a brief sequence showing how it was created. A ghosting effect uses double exposure to show the woman getting up from the chair but leaving her body behind. Bulleid also uses coloured filters and gauze diffusion to alter the look of his shots, and slow motion to change their visual impact. To display the versatility of interior shooting under normal lighting conditions, Bulleid uses orthochromatic film stock, before returning to exterior effects, using greased disc diffusion to create a dreamlike wash over the image. The film concludes with two sequences created using trick photography techniques including film reversal and split-screen shooting, and an example of step-zooming which gradually zeros in on the Big Ben clock tower at the Houses of Parliament in London." (EAFA Database)

Surf and Seaweed

Date produced: 1930


Ralph Steiner


"Steiner is interested in film’s capacity to invigorate everyday sight, to alert viewers to the simple, magical visual pleasures available in nearly any circumstance. The film is divided into sequences that focus on specific kinds of imagery in and around ocean surf" Scott MacDonald via Light Cone.

Tercer suspiro, El [The third sigh]

Date produced: 1970


Alfredo Gurrola


"EL TERCER SUSPIRO. Separa de un grupo de paseantes en la Alameda a un joven que al aceptar la invitación a subir a un auto que le hacen tres desconocidos (identificados con el movimiento revolucionario de 1910, mediante un montaje de fotografías de la época), durante el paseo por el Periférico se ve acometido por una serie de evocaciones imaginarias. Primero se le ve huir del coche saltando a un paso de peatones, y ser acosado a través de casas derruidas. Al regresar al tiempo presente uno de los hombres le pone la mano en un revólver. Después se ve en un lugar desierto, penosamente sostenido en pie por un aparato ortopédico, mientras una marea creciente lo empieza a cubrir. En ese punto desciende del coche en marcha y se coloca en el centro de la carretera, amenazando con el arma a algo que se aproxima; pero antes de que se produzca el disparo evoca un encuentro amoroso. Esta acción se repite varias veces antes de disolverse en las imágenes de un lago que ahora lo ha cubierto todo"(Garmendia en Vázquez Mantecón, 2012).

"THE THIRD SIGH. Separates a young man from a group of pedestrians in the Alameda, when he accepts an invitation by three unknown men to get into a car (the men were identified with the revolutionary movement of 1910 through a photographic montage of the time), during the ride through Periférico, he is undertaken by a series of imaginary evocations. First he is seen running away from the car, jumping to a crosswalk, and being harassed through demolished houses. When coming back to the present, one of the men puts his hand on a revolver gun. Afterwards, he is seen in a desert place, shamefully sustained by an orthopedic device, while a rising tide starts to cover him. At this point he descends from the moving car and goes to the center of the highway, menacing with his gun something that is approaching; but before the shot is produced, a loving encounter is evoked. This image is repeated several times before dissolving into images of a lake that has now covered everything" (Garmendia in Vázquez Mantecón, 2012).


Date produced: 1971


David Celestinos


"Un documental sobre las acciones plásticas de Raúl Tovar, pintor pop integrante del Salón Independiente, egresado –igual que Celestinos– de la ENAP. En él aparecen jóvenes con los cuerpos pintados de negro y las bocas rojas en algo parecido a un happening, la elaboración de un mural colectivo con frases icónicas de la época ("la imaginación al poder", "Peace", "Love", citas de Lao-Tse, etcétera). En la película predominaba un ambiente psicodélico que no llegaba más allá de la obra del pintor y del contexto juvenil en el que se producía" (Vázquez Mantecón, 2012).

"A documentary about the plastic art actions of Raúl Tovar, a pop painter member of the Independent Hall, alumni –same as Celestinos– of the ENAP. In it, young people appear with their bodies painted in black and their mouths painted in red in some sort of happening, there is also the making of a collective mural with iconic phrases of the time ("all power to the imagination", "Peace", "Love", quotes by Lao-Tse, etcetera). A psychedelic ambiance prevailed, not going beyond the work of the painter and the youthful context produced at the time" (Vázquez Mantecón, 2012).


Date produced: 1951


Jack E. Gieck


"Jack E. Gieck's film is a fanciful abstract study delineating the aspect and activity of the planet Uranus. In it he has wisely kept his footage brief. His lighting effects on models of the mountains and the color patterns of liquids reflect an imaginative concept. A rather too soft focus toward the end of Uranus is somewhat unexplainable, but his choice of an excellent musical score contributes to a fascinating creative experiment." Movie Makers, Dec. 1951, 412.

Windmills - My Style

Still from Windmills My style

Date produced: 1982


Valrie Ellis


Animated film of windmills and revolving multi-coloured shapes and patterns, in time to the tune 'Windmills of My Mind' (EAFA)

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