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Whaddon Chase Meet at Winslow Boxing Day

Date produced: 1930


Alfred R. Sinfield


"The Meet of the Whaddon Chase fox hunt on Boxing Day in 1930, with riders on horseback and foxhounds gathering first in Winslow’s market place, attracting a crowd of locals, before heading off to the countryside on this rather grey and foggy day." (EAFA Database)

Whalewatching Adventures in Baja California

Date produced: 1986


Robbins Barstow


"In January 1986, Dr. Robbins Barstow of Wethersfield, Connecticut, filmed a two-week cruise circumnavigating Mexico's Baja Peninsula. The trip included close encounters with seven different species of cetaceans -- Gray, Humpback, Bryde's, and Blue Whales, three kinds of dolphins, and giant elephant seals." Archive.org

What a Missionary Does In Africa

Date produced: 1939


Ray L. Garner

Virginia Garner


"Documentary: Depicts experiences of a new missionary as he gains self-confidence in his work in the Belgian Congo where the people are suspicious and only slowly accept the mission." National Archives.

What Does It Matter?

Date produced: 1928


Edward Jacobsen

What God Hath Wrought

Date produced: 1951


Leo J. Heffernan


"Leo J. Heffernan's 'What God Hath Whrought" pictures some of the wonders of Nature, with emphasis on the mighty Niagara Falls. His color photography is excellent." American Cinematographer, May 1952, 224.

"While motoring through Zion National Park, Leo J. Heffernan photographed the mountains, trees and canyons as they passed by his camera. The resulting picture, What God Hath Wrought, filmed almost entirely from his moving car, has an amazing three-dimensional effect. Changes in depth and perspective give the viewer a strong sense of participation, a true feeling that he is actually on the spot. For, traveling along the main highways, where so many tourists drive each year, Mr. Heffernan shows us this usually static subject from a tourist's level — but with new and refreshing viewpoints." Movie Makers, Dec. 1952, 341.

What Is It?

Date produced: 1947


Robert Davis


"An experimental exercise with extension tubes, picturing textures in extreme closeup. Such materials as salt, bread, leaves, nylon hose, coffee grounds, book edges, etc., are shown highly magnified, then later identified in medium closeup shots. Idea is similar to quiz feature appearing currently in the Ford Times magazine." Home Movies, Sept. 1947, 586.

What Your Camera Can Do

Date produced: 1956


Leonard W. Tregillus

Martha H. Hill

Edward M. Crane


"Does a fine job of demonstrating special effects and tricks, the cameras which can and cannot do them, how they are done and used. Very educational for any prospective filmer." PSA Journal, Nov. 1956, 45.

What’s the Matter With Kids Today?

Date produced: 1971


Robert Zemeckis


"The film depicts a Boy Scout's walk through a rural setting. He's later joined by a group of children who follow him through meadows and corn fields." Chicago Film Archives


Date produced: 1965


Vern Whitnall


"Film documents autoworkers making cars. It features fast driving shots in downtown Toronto. The cast includes Robert Moutrie and Edna Jarrell as husband and wife and Neil Upshall as the salesman. American Motors (Canada) Limited and McDowell Motors Limited were thanked" Archives of Ontario.

Wheels Across America

Date produced: 1968


Julian Gromer


"2 part edited travelogue following young men on a bicycle trip cross country (San Francisco to New York City) with Wandering Wheels, a faith based organization. Along with the noteworthy locations they visit, such as the Four Corners and New York City, this film includes much documentation of their down time and visits to Native American and small town communities to sing and meet with the people." Chicago Film Archives.

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