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Still from Westminster Scenes at the Coronation of H.M. King George VI via EAFA


  • 4458 (Source: East Anglian Film Archive)

Date produced: 1937


Eustace Alliott

Country of Production:

United Kingdom






400 ft





Sound Notes:



"Film record of the procession along Parliament Street before the Coronation ceremony of George VI, the activities of the spectators in Parliament Street during the ceremony and the procession in Parliament Square following the ceremony, prefaced by footage of street scenes in London the day before the Coronation and concluded by a shot from outside Buckingham Palace." (EAFA Database)


This film is part of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Collection held by the East Anglian Film Archive, Norwich, UK.


  • London, UK (Filming)






Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Collection, East Anglian Film Archive

Viewing Notes:

"Shots include: Coronation memorabilia being sold on the streets; temporary stands constructed in Westminster; street decorations; movement of traffic and pedestrians on Westminster streets the day before; a man and two children feed pigeons; traffic and decorations along Pall Mall; London skyline; people reserving spots for the next day by lying on the kerb in Parliament Street; street scenes in London the night before the Coronation; final preparations on Parliament Street; a procession of motor vehicles passing the Cenotaph; a procession of horse-drawn carriages passing the Cenotaph and their progress along Parliament Street; crowds and troops lining the streets waiting in Parliament Square and in Parliament Street; three carriages passing the Cenotaph and their progress along Parliament Street into Parliament Square, including slow motion footage as the carriages pass the cameraman’s position; crowds on Parliament Street wave at a carriage; procession of horse-drawn artillery pieces and military bands on Parliament Street; officers on horseback; yeomen of the guard on foot; the progress of the Royal carriage along Parliament Street; the reaction of the crowd in Parliament Street; the carriage turns into Parliament Square; the crowd during the Coronation ceremony, including shots of people in the opposite building; the movement of troops out of Parliament Street into Parliament Square after the ceremony; military bands and troops march along Parliament Street; procession of carriages and mounted troops in Parliament Square and across the entrance into Parliament Street; progress of Royal carriage in Parliament Square and across the entrance into Parliament Street; guards and crowd outside Buckingham Palace." (EAFA Database)

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