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You’re Putting Me On

Date produced: 1969


Don B. Klugman


"This film seems to pick up the same couple from “I’ve Got This Problem” (played by Don Klugman and Judy Harris) a few years later, as they attend a swinging bohemian party where they pilfer personal objects from the unsuspecting guests." Chicago Film Archives.

Young Couple, Dis-engaged

Date produced: 1933


Henry Bulleid


"Beneath ominous storm clouds, the recently engaged Ann Lister (Winifred Poyser) and Bob Randle (Harry Ellis) argue about their ideas of marital bliss - she wants a house in town, he prefers a country cottage. As the argument reaches its peak, Ann removes her engagement ring, and hands it back to Bob, who walks away, crestfallen. Visiting Amelia - "a very modern girl with very modern ideas about love" - Ann admits that she broke off the engagement in an attempt to find out if Bob really loves her. Following a series of encounters in the street, Ann hatches a plan to become the leading lady opposite Bob in a new theatrical production. But will their love survive the ultimate test?" (EAFA Database)

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