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Image of Gray from Movie Makers, Dec. 1938, 597.

Ralph E. Gray

Club Affiliation

Amateur Cinema League

Cinema Club de Mexico

Movie Makers Club of Oklahoma City




ACL Ten Best 1937 - General Class
Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Award 1938
ACL Ten Best 1939 - Honorable Mention General Class
ACL Ten Best 1943 - General Class
ACL Ten Best 1945 - General Class
Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Award 1946
ACL Ten Best 1946 - General Class
ACL Ten Best 1948 - Honorable Mention
American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1950 - Certificate Award
American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1951 - Top Ten Award Winner


Primitive Patzcuaro (1937)

Our Friendly Enemies (1950)

Mexican Fiestas (1938)

Guatemala, the Glorious (1939)

Hill Towns of Guatemala, The (1942)

Paricutin (1943)

Sundays in the Valley of Mexico (1942)

Arts and Crafts in Mexico (1945)

Wooden Face of Totonicapan (1942)

Typical Times in the Tropics (1946)

High Spots of a High Country (1942)

Mexico At Work And At Play (1948)

Glamorous Guatemala (1950)

Biographical Notes:

"Ralph had moved from Nebraska to Mexico in the 1940s, driving an old Chevy farm pickup, and had ended up at the far reaches of Lake Pátzcuaro in the Mexican village of Erongaricuaro, or Eronga for short. He charmed Mexico’s first female mayor and they shortly after married and had two children, Guillermo, who would go on to become a somewhat infamous singer of old Mexican ballads, and the daughter Monica, who, inspired by her father, went to art school in Arizona and became a multi-media artist, for a while dividing her time between Pátzcuaro and the USA." Escape from America Magazine.

The 1937 and 1939 December issues of Movie Makers state Gray was from Mexico City, Mexico. An extensive biography of Gray is also given in Movie Makers (June 1950, 229-230). PSA Journal in 1968 states Gray, FPSA, Houston, Texas, died of a heart attack on Oct. 20, 1967.

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