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  • 2004-0059 (Source: Library and Archives Canada)

Date produced: 1949


Charles Woodley

Country of Production:







232 ft





Sound Notes:



Library and Archives Canada list of titled amateur films


"Film about the Woodley’s at their place in the country." Library and Archives Canada.


This film is a part of the Charles Devenish Woodley Collection held by Library and Archives Canada.





Charles Devenish Woodley Collection, Library and Archives Canada

Viewing Notes:

"It shows: “Farm for Sale” sign on a gate; the Woodley boys, Doug and Bill, go with their father for a look at the property; they pick flowers; their mother is at work in the kitchen; the boys pick flowers and give them to their mother, who puts the flowers in a vase; boys with lawn mower; the Woodleys clean up, putting discarded items such as a toilet in a pile outdoors; a group of friends come for a visit; the family resumes the clean-up work after they leave; scenes of the boys planting and gardening; the father paints walls; the boys walk in the woods; an intertitle says that after the rain, the family repaired the roof; the father on a ladder; roof repairs; one of the boys brings a box of berries to Mrs. Woodley; Mrs. Woodley eats one; views of fruit on trees in the orchard; an intertitle shows Mr. Woodley and the boys cursing the birds who are eating the fruit; they throw stones at the birds to shoo them off; the boys go into the house and come out with sticks; a chase ensues; views of the youngest Woodley, baby Lorne; picking fruit; Mrs. Woodley with Lorne; Lorne eating; intertitle states that the garden grew; shots of the garden; boy hoeing and the two boys harvest corn; they bring ears of corn to show their mother; close-ups of the corn; intertitle reads “we keep our camera busy”; Lorne in playpen in outdoor sunshine; boy with camera taking pictures of Lorne; close-up of the baby; baby waves to camera; dog digs beside foundation of the house and boy is beside him before they run off; intertitle explains that they found a skunk; dog getting a bath; intertitle says that cleanliness has been a problem; cut to scene of Mrs. Woodley washing the baby in a sink; one of the boys takes a bath in a small metal washtub; the boys help their mother do the laundry outdoors using an old wringer washer; man hangs clothes on line; the baby looks on; the boys explore the meadow; they walk down path with dog; close-up of ladybug on leaf; boys use magnifying glass to peer at insects on leaves; close-ups of snail on twig; boys run through meadow; boy with butterfly net; boy with jar; more insect close-ups; close-up of Monarch butterfly; close-up of large striped caterpillar; boys in the garden; boys harvesting apples; bushel baskets full of apples; large group of friends come over; intertitle says a shift in the wind breaks up the party; cut to scene of the boys shovelling manure; Mr. Woodley finds the “Farm for sale” sign lying in tall grass; he shakes his head and throws the sign away. Closes with “The End”," via Library and Archives Canada.