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Image from Incident from Life, in Movie Makers, Dec. 1943, 465.

Date produced: 1942


Kendall T. Greenwood



200 ft





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ACL Ten Best 1942 - General Class


"Kendall T. Greenwood, who has proved his competence in a number of detailed industrial records, turns with Incident from Life to the ways of a growing lad and achieves a clear and carefully observed record of his own youngster that will, in years to come, testify to the fact that his father took the boy seriously. Mr. Greenwood's picture is a compliment to his son and, as we think it over, an unintentional compliment to an understanding father as well. Young Greenwood is a reader. In the course of his reading, he comes upon the subject of diving, but he does not let the matter rest there. Paralleling the "spool and old coal hod" of another inventor, he contrives, out of the detritus of a trash heap and a cautious borrowing from Dad's camping outfit, a diving bell that works so successfully that he goes down with it into a lake near the family home. Father maintains an almost incredible calm and communicates some of it to his wife, although Mrs. Greenwood's face is a study, when the boy's young helper fouls the airline and has to be assisted by Mr. Greenwood. But all ends well, as an absorbing and well made picture comes to a close. Director, actor and cameraman (although Mrs. Greenwood must have lent needed aid), Mr. Greenwood has made a family film that is dignified and interesting and, above all, is one that Junior need not shrink from, as it is shown in later years." Movie Makers, Dec. 1942, 506.


Discussed by Greenwood in "Filming an Amateur Diver" (Movie Makers, Dec. 1943, 465, 487-488). The article provides the background and production of the film, including images of the young man's diving helmet.






  • Screened by the Tri-City Cinema Club in 1944: Moline, IL
  • Screened by the Ruggles Camera Club in 1944: Roxbury, MA
  • Screened by the Movie Group of the Schenectady Photographic Society in 1946: Schenectady, N.Y.
  • Screened by the Rockford Movie Makers in 1946: Rockford, IL

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