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Metropolitan Motion Picture Club of New York

Year Founded:



New York City, New York, USA

Film Formats:


Notable Contests:

American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1937 - Equipment Prize, Victor Animatograph Corporation projects for the most interesting lighting effect.

Organized "Kodacolor Award - metropolitan Motion Picture Club Contest - 1930."

Associated Filmmakers/People:

Charles J. Carbonaro

Charles Coles

Robert M. Coles

Hermann Danz

Martin E. Drayson

Charles A. Ferrie, Jr.

Robert F. Gowen

Frank E. Gunnell

Joseph J. Harley

Joseph F. Hollywood

Wilbur W. Krimpen

Duncan MacD. Little

Terry Manos

George Merz

George Mesaros

Walter Mills

Sidney Moritz

Russell T. Pansie

Ella Paul

Dr. G. L. Rohdenburg

Edwin Schwarz

Lewis B. Sebring, Jr.

F. Clark Tufaro

George A. Ward

A. M. Zinner


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