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World Through a View Finder, The (Part II)

Date produced:


Edwin Mayer


"This amateur film captures Edwin and Minnie Mayer’s worldwide adventure across Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe in the 1950s. This segment documents stops in Thailand, India, Egypt, Greece, Vatican City, Italy, the Netherlands, and England" Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

Egypt and Back With Imperial Airways

Date produced: 1932


Ruth Stuart


"Film record of a journey to Egypt and a four day holiday in Cairo. The film begins at Croydon Airport, recording the activities of the ground crew and the arrival and departure of two Imperial Airways planes, the Heracles and the Hengist. The film records a stopover in Crete on the journey to Cairo where the plane is moored close to a yacht. The final section of the film records street scenes in Cairo and an excursion to the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, returning to the city by Marg and Old Heliopolis." East Anglian Film Archive.

"Ruth Stuart's Travel picture 'Egypt and Back With Imperial Airways,' was not only a fine example of consistent photography, but also showed a keen knowledge of editing and cutting that let the pictue breeze along in an entertaining fashion." American Cinematographer, Dec. 1933, 321.

Tombs Of The Nobles, The

Date produced: 1931


John V. Hansen


"The Tombs Of The Nobles, 400 ft., 16mm., is distinguished both in its subject matter and technical triumph over seemingly insuperable photographic odds. In it Mr. Hansen has achieved a clear and valuable record of Egyptian art and history as he found them presented on the interior walls of countless Egyptian tombs. Only by a careful placing and manipulation of sheets and mirrors in the cramped space of each tomb was Mr. Hansen able to cast sufficient light from the doorways onto the hundreds of paintings which he photographed. The film's continuity has been planned and edited in a simple, documentary style, adapted for use as an informal lecture subject. Its technical accomplishment seems unparalleled in the annals of amateur filming and has been well employed in recording subject matter entirely different from the general amateur picture." Movie Makers, Dec. 1931, 658.