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John V. Hansen pictured in Movie Makers, Aug. 1946, 300.

John V. Hansen

Club Affiliation

Amateur Cinema League




ACL Ten Best 1931, ACL Ten Best 1932, ACL Ten Best 1934
Fifth Annual Little Movie Party, 1934
Sixth Annual Little Movie Party, 1935


Tombs Of The Nobles, The (1931)

Studies in Blue and Chartres Cathedral (1932)

Venice (1934)

Colorful Bits of Europe (1934)

Washington in Spring Dress (1935)

Studies in Kodacolor (1935)

Old Vic at Kronborg: Hamlet (1937)



Biographical Notes:

From Washington, D. C.; credited as "John Riggs Hansen" in citation for Tombs of the Nobles.
Passed away in early June 1955 on a visit to his native Denmark, his ashes were returned to Washington for burial.

Bibliographic Resources:

Movie Makers, Dec. 1931, 657.
Obituary in PSA Journal, V. 21, No. 7, Jul. 1955.

Hansen's work is discussed in Charles Tepperman's "Color Unlimited: Amateur Color Cinema in the 1930s" (in Color and the Moving Image, edited by Simon Brown, Sarah Street and Liz Watkins. London: Routledge, 2012).