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Wild Shore

Date produced: 1958


Vincent H. Hunter


"A student of nature, Vince Hunter has filmed this delicate study romancing the wild shores of the Pacific coast with its thunderous waves on the rocky ramparts of Oregon and the calm of the tidal basins of the southern area. We feel the power in the maelstrom of wild combers, with the spindrift flowing in the wind like the mane of excited stallions racing to the shore. The birds, animals, and tidal growth on the offshore islands are rarely seen in pictures. An experience for those who love the sea and are charmed by its moods" PSA Journal, Nov. 1958, 46.

Wonders of Our Inland Sea

Date produced: 1955


L. Clyde Anderson


"Views from ground of Salt Lake City skyline, Antelope Island, the train causeway, a passenger train, the salt flats, salt crystallization on rocks, brine shrimp, auto racing on the salt flats, seagulls (with sound), sail boating, swimmers at Saltair, Sunset Beach, the marina, water skiers, boat painting, and the Utah State Capitol building." University of Utah Marriott Library.

Total Pages: 8