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Date produced: 1934


Irving Pollack

Production credits:

Country of Production:

United States




800 ft


format unknown



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ACL Ten Best 1934, Honorable Mention


"Why Junior High School, by Irving Pollack, ACL, gives the answer to its own question with a freshness and vigor that mark it as an outstanding amateur achievement. Classroom activities, a difficult subject, were handled with fruitful appreciation of what goes into an interesting picture. The film is marked throughout with thoroughly satisfactory photography and there are some scenes which present highly effective compositions. The story, told with a carefully worked out plan, never is allowed to become dull or uninteresting. The directorial ability of Mr. Pollack is well shown in the manner of handling those who appear in the pictures, for no evidence of self consciousness can be seen. The audience gains the impression that the picture was made by some one who knew what he wanted and went directly after it." Movie Makers, Dec. 1934, 547.


"Why Junior High School is the straightforward title given by Irving Pollack, ACL, to an unusually clear cut, two reel film which he recently has completed as an answer to this problem. A staff member of the Winthrop Junior High School, in Brooklyn, N. Y., Mr. Pollack has based his cine exposition on a thesis prepared by Frederick B. Graham, Winthrop principal, and has carried it forward with admirable clarity, smoothness and workmanlike photography. The film was six months in production, with all work done after the school hours. If a mathematics class was needed for a sequence, it stayed en masse to scribble problems on the blackboard. If domestic science was next on the script, the girls stayed late and really made candy. The boys in the print shop set and printed all cards for the attractive titles. Not counting camera and lenses, which were in Mr. Pollack's possession, the entire production cost just over eighty dollars. It will be used in promotion work with parents and other educators." Movie Makers, March 1934, 118.


  • Brooklyn, N.Y. (Filming)





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