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Date produced: 1964


Frederick C. Harshbarger




format unknown

Sound Notes:



PSA Ten Best 1964


"Racing Stars tells the story of a contest of boating enthusiasts in the Star class of sail boats. The Star is used primarily for racing, is about 23 feet long, has a keel with a 900 pound weight at the bottom, and carries only two sails, a main and a jib. Standards assure similarity of boats, of which there are about 5000 in all parts of the world. An animated diagram shows how Star boats follow the prescribed course in a contest An excellent commentary with superb photography keeps this picture moving with never a let-up, and any landlubber can smell the sea air by the time the picture ends" PSA Journal, Sept. 1964, 50.




  • Tuesday November 16, 1965, for a PSA Ten Best screening presented by the Harrisburg Camera Club (Lebanon Daily News, Nov 11, 1965, 23): Harrisburg, PA
  • Monday, April 19, 1965 for PSA's Ten Best presented by the Cincinnati Movie Club (Cincinnati Enquirer, Apr. 4, 1965, 69): Cincinnati, OH

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