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Frederick C. Harshbarger




PSA Ten Best 1961, PSA Ten Best 1963, PSA Ten Best 1964, PSA MPD Travel Film Award sponsored by Esther Cooke 1964, PSA Ten Best 1966 - Honorable Mention, PSA Ten Best 1968 - Honorable Mention, PSA Ten Best 1969, PSA MPD Nature Award sponsored by Dick Bird 1969, PSA MPD Honorable Mention 1970


Winter Olympics (1961)

Project Long Neck (1963)

Italian Diary (1964)

Racing Stars (1964)

Midnight Sun, The (1966)

Novice, The (1968)

Wild Dogs of Africa (1969)

Suicide Race, The (1970)



Biographical Notes:

From San Diego, CA. Sometimes (mis)spelled as Harshberger. In PSA Journal in1968 he was listed as being from Colton, California.

Bibliographic Resources:

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A PhD dissertation can be found at the California Institute of Technology, Division of Engineering and Applied Science, by a Frederick Clay Harshbarger suggesting that Harshbarger was a mechanical engineer by profession.