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Still from Men of the Land via EAFA


  • 1249 (Source: East Anglian Film Archive)

Date produced: 1937


John Ganderson

Country of Production:

United Kingdom






400 ft





Sound Notes:



This film shows farm activities in Norfolk, still mainly done without the aid of machines.


IAC Film Library Catalogue (Silent and Sound). Institute of Amateur Cinematographers, 1975.


  • Morley St Peter, Norfolk, UK (Filming)






Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Collection, East Anglian Film Archive

Viewing Notes:

"The opening titles are shown over shots of a horse-drawn plough. All of the machinery in this film is horse drawn. A lot of work is still done by hand. There are shots of the fields and shots of the electric or telephone wires stretching overhead. There is a shot of a chimney and then of a water butt. A man leaves a cottage and fills a bucket from the water butt. He uses this to wash his hands and face. He feeds milk to two tabby cats and then prepares his own lunch of milk with bread and cheese. The milk is poured into what was a bottle of stout. Lunch is placed into a basket which in turn is fastened onto the back of his bicycle. He cycles to work. The next shot shows several bicycles being parked, suggesting many farm workers arrived at work on bicycles. The tasks of the day begin. The first job is to feed the pigs. The shed is unlocked and the piglets run out. Their food is mixed in a bucket and fed to them. The farm worker saddles and harnesses a team of three horses. They are filmed harrowing. The farm worker walks behind and rides on the harrow. There are shots showing his feet walking through mud. He hoes strawberries, digs potatoes and tops sugar beet. He sharpens his tools and mows grass for hay with a horse-drawn mower. This is loaded onto a cart. Men are filmed thatching a straw stack. Crops are scythed with a bill hook and a horse dawn reaper/binder harvests oats. There are close- up shots of the machine at work. Bundles are gathered and stooked before being loaded onto a cart. This is taken to the ricks. The film shows a shot of a newspaper headline reading; Wheat Prices Rise. Home Quotations Affected By Prospect Of World Shortage. There is a shot of a sack of wheat and then of coins and notes. These are placed into a hand and then given to another hand. Shots of children and items in a shop precede scenes outside the 'King George V' public house. The sign shows this Inn to be owned by Morgans' Ales and to be 3 miles from Wymondham and 12 miles from Norwich. There is a shot of cigarettes, matches and a tankard of ale being placed on the table. Two men play dominoes" (EAFA Database).

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