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  • 2830 (Source: East Anglian Film Archive)

Date produced: 1935


Frank Arthur Young

Country of Production:

United Kingdom






340 ft





Sound Notes:



A travelogue of a cruise in an unknown area of the Mediterranean Sea.


This film is part of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Collection held by the East Anglian Film Archive, Norwich, UK.






Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Collection, East Anglian Film Archive

Viewing Notes:

"Landscape view from the ship of a Mediterranean country. Camera pans over the hills and houses visible in the distance and shows the sea with sailing boats nearby. View from the front of the ship. Shot of a woman on the deck looking out at the sea. View of the city streets from a vehicle window. Footage of a castle and people walking around. Shots of people standing in the streets and running up stone steps. Various shots of buildings and people in the city. Shot of the sea filmed from the boat with a cliff visible in the distance. Boats are seen anchored to the shore. Footage of the ruins of an amphitheatre. Shots of the city streets and people walking along the cobbled stones. Shot of a canal. People sitting on seats outside a café. Various shots of buildings and tourist attractions in the city. Shot of the sea and people in rowing boats. Camera pans over the view of the city from the boat. Shot of women walking through the streets. Shots of people walking down the stone steps followed by people gathered in a courtyard with herds of cows. People riding in carts along the streets. View from the ship of rows of boats in the dock followed by the camera panning over the guests on the cruise ship gathered on deck. People spraying each other with a hose. View of a Mediterranean country from a porthole. Shot of people fishing followed by a group of people sitting on chairs outside and drinking. A horse and cart goes through the streets. A group of children gather around a man and a woman who wave at them. Shots of the city streets followed by people in rowing boats. The passengers wave at the camera from the cruise ship." (EAFA Database)