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John Straiton

Dates active:





PSA Ten Best 1963 - Honorable Mention
Seventeenth Annual Canadian Film Awards, 1965 - Best Amateur Film


Portrait of Lydia (1963)

Steam Ballet (1968)

Animals In Motion (1968)

Eurynome (1970)

Horseplay (1972)


Advertising Executive

Biographical Notes:

From Oakville, Ontario.

A pioneering Canadian animator, and Genie Award winner, Straiton is also known for films including: Picture Show, M. M. (Myth, Myth - A Collage), and Rock Video.

Bibliographic Resources:

PSA Journal, Oct. 1963, 42.

Straiton's films are held by CFMDC, as well as in the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Collection at East Anglian Film Archive.

2006 Burlington Post article on Straiton being honoured at the 30th Annual Ottawa International Animation Festival.

An interview with Straiton as part of "Take Two: Reflecting on Toronto Filmmakers From 1965-1972," where he speaks on animation and some of his films.