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Think of Me First as a Person

Date produced: 1960


Dwight Core

George Ingram


"“Think of Me First as a Person” is a short documentary about a boy with Down Syndrome. The footage was shot on 16mm in the 1960s by the boy’s father, Dwight Core, Sr. The filmmaker’s grandson, George Ingmire, completed the film forty years later. This film explores perceptions about Down Syndrome from multiple viewpoints: the boy, his sister and the father. The sincere tone and heartwarming narration by the father lends a remarkable poignancy to this film. The story that unfolds within this documentary is sure to shed light on both the struggles and blessings of raising a child with special needs." thinkofmefirstasaperson.com

Whither Flowing

Date produced: 1928


Herman A. Heise


"Whither Flowing," depicts the nervous evils caused by parents in the thoughtless upbringing of children. The drama was compactly told, well acted and directed, and was marked by unusual photography." Photoplay, Nov. 1929, 67. "...Whither Flowing is a psychological study of hysteria.... Dr. Heise's Whither Flowing won second award in the dramatic division of the recent Photoplay Magazine contest...” Movie Makers, Feb. 1930, 104.

چه پرستاره بود شبم (Che Por Setare Boud Shabam) [How Full of Stars Was My Night]

Date produced: 1975


Naser Gholamrezayi


The film follows a blind young man in Lorestan who spends his summer alone in his village while everyone else has moved under the mountain away from the heat. He waits for cars next to the road in hopes that they will give him money. While trying to find a car that passed him one day he finds a water stream by accident and the calmness of its environment makes him seek refuge there every day. But the seasons change and after the first rain, the small stream turns into a big body of water and the young man is left with nowhere to bring him happiness every day.

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